Wellness Retreats

Feel balanced and restored. Each of our holistic Wellness Retreats is unique, designed in harmony with the local environment and leading experts in physical and mental wellbeing.

From forest bathing and Qigong sessions to coastal hikes and nutrition workshops, find a retreat that speaks to you.

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L’Horizon Pilates Escape

Recharge body and mind on this relaxing island getaway. For two nights at L'Horizon Beach Hotel & Spa, immerse yourself in restorative Pilates sessions led by instructor Joey Freeman.

Fermain Valley Wellness Retreat (With Sea Swim)

You'll leave feeling motivated to bring aspects of your wellness escape into your everyday life. Our holistic retreat will nourish you physically and mentally for improved strength, endurance, and overall wellbeing.

Brandshatch Place Natural Wellness Retreat

Slow down and unwind in the Garden of England with a woodland walk, guided meditation and immersive outdoor yoga – a mindful experience with luxury touches throughout.

L’Horizon Exploration Retreat

This island retreat leads you back into nature during guided wild fitness and cliff trek experiences in Jersey, with time to relax and reconnect.

Fawsley Hall I AM Wellness™ Retreat

This exclusive retreat offers an escape from the demands of everyday life, a chance to slow down and focus inwards. Socialise with like-minded guests as you learn about and practice wellness techniques led by experienced teachers.

Nutfield Priory Nature & Nutrition Retreat 

Your wellness takes centre stage during this calming yet informative experience, set in a rural Surrey oasis with far-reaching views.

Rookery Hall Mindfulness Retreat

Set in awe-inspiring Cheshire countryside, explore the ancient practice of Qigong and broaden your mindfulness abilities with breathwork and yogalates.

Wood Hall Self-Care Retreat

Set in the peace and tranquillity of West Yorkshire’s Wharf Valley, this immersive wellness experience is designed to enhance your health and equip you with expert skincare techniques.

Norton House Nature Movement Retreat

This special retreat is about reconnecting and rebalancing through movement and sound, all in the tranquil environment of Norton House.