Alderney Island Wellness Retreat

Alderney Island Wellness Retreat

Alderney Island Wellness Retreat

Awaken your senses and restore harmony at one of two exclusive Alderney Island Wellness Retreats. Located on the idyllic isle of Alderney, with its azure seas and golden beaches, this unique wellness experience at Braye Beach Hotel offers a rejuvenating escape from the stresses of everyday life

Embrace the great outdoors through an invigorating programme of activities including beach fitness, scenic hikes, and cycle rides around the island's natural landscapes. These open-air workouts seamlessly blend exercise with our stunning hotel surroundings, allowing you to experience the profound benefits of steady and rigorous movement amongst breathtaking vistas.

Balance energising pursuits with the calming influence of yoga and restorative relaxation sessions, designed to soothe your body and quiet your mind. Indulge in a thoughtfully curated meal plan featuring seasonal, fresh ingredients prepared by our Head Chef, showcasing the delicious possibilities of nutritious cuisine.

With Braye Beach Hotel's beautiful beachfront location, you'll find the perfect backdrop to fully immerse yourself in wellness. Extend your stay with an additional night to completely unwind and savour your island experience.

What's included:

  • • Accommodation for two nights at Braye Beach Hotel
  • • Our signature Hand Picked breakfast each morning
  • • Welcome cocktail on your first night
  • • A three-course dinner each evening accompanied by wine
  • • A curated series of wellness activities including beach fitness, hiking, cycling, yoga and relaxation sessions
  • • Chef's healthy meals and refreshment plan
  • • Time to unwind and explore Alderney at your leisure


Booking details:
Reserve your transformative experience by calling 01481824300 or emailing [email protected]

From price:
Day rate: £175
Residential package: £1144