Autumn weddings in Northamptonshire

Autumn (September, October and November) is a beautiful time to get married at Fawsley Hall Hotel; the leaves of the trees that fill our grounds begin to change colour from vibrant greens into soft browns, burning oranges and rich reds, creating a spectacular backdrop for your wedding day.

Halloween brings decorating options that would look out of place during other times of the year.  Elegantly shaved pumpkins can illuminate the aisle in our Valentine Suite for your ceremony and bouquets can be full of warming tones filling your wedding photos with beautiful colours. Layers of oranges, reds and golds are perfectly suited to this Northamptonshire wedding venue. 

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Autumn food is undeniably tasty and hearty. Warming soups, spiced pears, caramel tarts and Irish coffees] all of these foods can be included in your wedding menus and add warmth to a possibly chilly day. Feature signature cocktails like Marmalade Mules and Rhubarb Fizz as the bride and groom's choice at your drinks reception.  

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A bonfire night wedding is a unique way to celebrate your special day with your guests. Our favourite bonfire night traditions for a wedding day are hot chocolate and marshmallows! And what better excuse to end your celebrations than with a fireworks display overlooking our picturesque Great Hall.  

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