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On the 29th January 2016 Hand Picked Hotels sold The Priest House Hotel in Derbyshire. For more information please call The Priest House on 01332 810649 or email enquires@thepriesthouse.co.uk
The Grill Room Restaurant

The Grill Room Restaurant

Enjoy inspired menus from around the globe

The stylish and contemporary Grill Room offers a fine selection of dishes inspired by executive head chef James Whitesmith’s travels around the world. So do not be surprised if your palate detects underlying Indonesian, Arabic and Asian influences. The Grill Room has views over our ornamental ponds and is perfect for al fresco dining during the warmer months.

Opening Times: 12pm - 10pm

James Whitesmith

James Whitesmith

Head Chef

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Sample Menu

    • Angus fillet beef carpaccio, aioli, rocket, parmesan £10.25
    • Kiln smoked salmon tian, pickled cucumber, lamb lettuce, caviar crème fraiche £9.50
    • Roast figs, buffalo mozzarella, rosemary focaccia £9.75
    • Braised ham hock, piccalili, confit shallot, rocket £10.50
    • Traditional Caesar salad £13
      • Chicken fillets £14.50
      • Shrimp £16

    Sharing starters

    • Antipasto plate - artichoke, sun blushed tomatoes, olive, mozzarella, salami, Parma ham, hummus, crusty bread £16.25
    • Baked Camembert, crusty bread and chunky salad £17
  • From the land

    • Beef bourguignon, mash, green beans £15.25
    • Spatchcock poussin, polenta, artichoke, green beans, shallots, rucola salad with salsa verde £17.50
    • Braised shank of Hampshire lamb, salt roast carrots, wholegrain mash, red onion & ale jus £22.50
    • Goan goat curry, coconut & cumin rice, grilled flatbread £18.50

    The grill

    The following cuts are served with chunky chips, aioli, rocket and feta cheese

    • Angus beef burger with tomato chutney, focachia bun
    • 10oz fillet of beef (x2 5oz medallions) £36.75
    • 12oz Angus rib eye steak £29.50

    From the sea

    • Mussel broth with crusty bread and salad:

    Thai £9 / £16

    New Forest cider and leek £9 / £16

    Mariniere £9 / £16

    • Pan fried sea bass fillet, confit tomato, basil, tagliatelle £19.75
    • Beer battered fish & chips, bashed peas, tartar £17.50
    • Cheesecake - please ask for today's flavour £9
    • Apple & frangipan tart, crème ahngalise £9.50
    • Baby local cheese, apple chutney, grapes, homemade oatcakes £13.75
  • Starters

    • Soup of the day
    • Red pepper & goat’s cheese terrine, basil oil
    • Beetroot carpaccio with feta cheese, rocket & balsamic reduction
    • Mushroom Benedict, sautéed spinach
    • Smoked apple wood & chestnut salad, quail egg

    Main courses

    • Pumpkin risotto, parmesan shavings
    • Open ravioli of wild mushrooms, truffle oil
    • Grilled aubergine lasagne, provincial vegetables
    • Spinach & blue cheese linguini, rocket salad
    • Confit artichoke & fennel gnocchi, pine nuts
  • Rachel 

    An unusual, semi hard goa’s milk cheese that is washed in a brine solution through its maturation. Rich and nutty in flavour Rachel is made near Shepton Mallet in Somerset by Whitelake cheese makers. Rachel is an unusual cheese with an unusual name which is rumoured to be named after either one of the cheese maker's friends or possibly the name of one of his goats.


    Tunworth has a long lasting sweet, nutty flavour and a creamy texture with a thin wrinkled rind. Tunworth Cheese is made by hand in small batches in a purpose built creamery with pasteurised whole cow's milk. First they add specific starter cultures to the warm milk. The animal rennet is added and the curd begins to set. After several hours they cut the curds into one inch cubes and place them gently into cheese moulds. The cheeses drain overnight and are dry salted the next day. From the production room they are placed on racks and taken into the ripening room where they grow their white coats. The cheeses are then wrapped and boxed in special poplar boxes and placed into a maturing room for several weeks.

    Godminster Vintage 

    This vintage cheese is handmade in Somerset from a 70 year old recipe, using traditional methods, and comes wrapped in its distinctive burgundy wax. The cheese is thoroughly organic and suitable for Vegetarians. Godminster Cheddar is a firm pressed medium to strong cheese. Most noticeable is the cheese's exceptionally creamy, rich, full flavour. Initially mellow with a creamy consistency, Godminster then progresses to a tasty, lingering after bite.

    Barkham Blue 

    A creamy, slightly open textured cheese with a rustic rind and a yellow, moist interior streaked with blue veins. Two Hoots is a small family business based near Wokingham which make handmade cheeses in the traditional way using the pasteurised milk from Channel Island breeds of cow. They have been making cheese since 2003 and their cheeses have won a succession of awards. Barkham Blue has a distinctive appearance, being 1kg in weight, ammonite shaped and covered in an attractive, natural, mould ripened, rustic rind. The deep yellow moist interior is spread with dark blue, green veins and has a rich blue taste. The smooth buttery texture melts in the mouth and does not leave the harsh metallic taste sometimes associated with blue cheese. Barkham Blue was awarded super gold at the 2013 world cheese awards. It was also previously awarded Best Blue Cheese, Best English Cheese and Supreme Champion at the British Cheese Awards 2008, and a gold medal at the World Cheese Awards in the same year.

    Smoked Lyburn 

    This cheese is the same age as the Lyburn Gold, still a washed curd cheese but the eyes are not so prominent and is smoother, to give a light and delicate flavour. During the maturation process the rind goes a glorious caramel colour and can't be mistaken for any other. In 2014 the cheese won a Silver at the British Cheese Awards.

All ingredients may not be listed for menu items. If more information about allergens is required, please ask a member of the team

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