Contact details and directions

Hotel addresss: Rhinefield Road, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, S042 7QB 

Telephone number: 01590 622 922

Email: [email protected]

You will find Rhinefield House Hotel situated in the heart of the New Forest, a short distance from Brockenhurst with ample free parking.

Directions by road

From the M27 junction 1

Take the A337 to Lyndhurst. When you arrive at Lyndhurst take the A35 west towards Christchurch for about three miles. Then turn left off the A35 at the hotel signs. Continue along the Ornamental Drive for about one and a half miles until you see the hotel.

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At a glance

Nearest motorway link: M27 J1/2

Nearest airport: Bournemouth 20 miles, Southampton 22 miles

Nearest train station: Brockenhurst 3 miles, Southampton 20 miles

Helicopter Grid reference: 5050’N, 1 35’W NGR (195) SU 265 036 130’AMS

Google Maps degrees: 50°49'54.4"N 1°37'26.6"W

Polar car chargepoint ID: 24183