The Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick is a medieval gem close to Ettington Park hotel

Dating from the 14th century, this group of medieval timber framed buildings in Warwick was home to the medieval guilds for nearly 200 years. They are one of the finest examples of medieval courtyard architecture clustered around the Norman gateway into the town with the 12th century Chantry Chapel above. 

The Brethren still live within the walls of the building, praying together each morning and now giving tours around the buildings and gardens.It was during the reighn of Queen Elizabeth I when Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester created this hospital as a place of retirement for soldiers who had fought in the Elizabethan era wars leaving a legacy of almost 450 years of history.

From The Brethren's Kitchen to the tranquil Master Garden this is a must on a visit to Warwickshire.

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