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On the 29th January 2016 Hand Picked Hotels sold The Priest House Hotel in Derbyshire. For more information please call The Priest House on 01332 810649 or email enquires@thepriesthouse.co.uk
Functional training zone

Functional training zone

At Brandshatch Place Hotel & Spa near Borough Green and Sevenoaks in Fawkham, Kent, you will find free weights, boxing equipment, a wall hung full size punching bag, weighted gloves and skipping ropes, a full rack of core bags 5-25kg bags, viprs, TRX with full matted area along with a range of benches and full squat rack.

The functional training zone offers the latest equipment including TRX, kettlebells and core bags so you will be able to take your fitness to an all-time high. By incorporating whole body movements into your routine, your coordination, balance and proprioception will be greatly increased, not to mention the effective fat-burning benefits you get from this type of training.

The Functional Training Zone has something to offer everybody, from maintaining general mobility and multi-directional movements for everyday living to pushing every muscle and joint to the max, it can all be achieved within these four walls.

  • Free weights 
  • Dumbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Boxing equipment
  • Punch bags
  • Weighted gloves
  • Skipping ropes
  • Core bags
  • TRX
  • Benches
  • Squat rack

Steven Moore

Health Club Manager

01474 875040  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Health benefits

  • Whole body movements
  • Co-ordination, balance and proprioception will be greatly increased
  • Effective fat burning
  • Utilisation of every muscle and joint

More health club facilities

Training programmes

  • Bike, cycling

    Bike, cycling

    Takes place in our fitness studios and spinning studios using the latest indoor cycles, combined with high energy music. 

  • Dance, choreographed

    Dance, choreographed

    Takes place in fitness and dance studios. These are fun choreography and dance based fitness classes.

  • Full class timetable

    Full class timetable

    Make the most of your membership and plan your fitness programme.

  • High energy, impact and cardio

    High energy, impact and cardio

    Studio and Functional Training Zone high energy classes based on the principle of high intensity interval training.

Member news and events

  • Brandshatch Place health club facilities


    We provide our members and guests with a friendly and personal journey from the moment they arrive. 

  • Club atrium

    Club atrium

    Our bar area offers an array of hot and cold drinks, light refreshments, elevenses, afternoon tea or a full lunch menu. Complimentary WiFi is also available.

  • Exercise studio

    Exercise studio

    With a variety of classes each week to choose from, our members are spoilt for choice. We offer current and popular classes such as yoga, group cycling, pump FX, boot camps, sculpting, group strength – FTZ, and aqua classes. Feel part of a team with a joint goal of keeping fit.

  • Gym

    State of the art gym

    Our fully equipped TechnoGym fitness suite provides you with the latest in fitness training at Brandshatch Place Hotel & Spa near Sevenoaks and Borough Green in Fawkham, Kent. All of our equipment has its own interactive console called Unity. Unity consoles allow you to track your training using your Smartphone. You also have access to a large array of apps and can log onto the internet whilst training.

Membership offers