Crathorne Hall in North Yorkshire has been working with The Woodland Trust on their 'Plant Trees; MORE Woods' scheme to introduce a new native woodland into the grounds of the hotel.

Local wildlife and restoring the natural landscape are both extremely important to all at Crathorne Hall. General Manager, Elizabeth Raine,has worked hard to implement various projects to benefit local wildlife, to educate others about the importance of wildlife and to make use of unused areas of the hotel grounds for better.

The Woodland Trust “Plant Trees; MORE Woods” scheme aims to plant trees in 64 million native trees by 2028. They offer discounted saplings of site-specifically suitable native tree species that benefit wildlife. 

At Crathorne Hall the site of the old market garden and to the west of the overflow carpark measure approximately 1 hectare in total and are combination of thistle and bramble thickets with some grass paths than are mowed bi-annually. A tree expert from The Woodland Trust visited Crathorne in August 2019 and confirmed that the two sites are very suitable for planting a new native woodland.

Approximately 1,000 saplings are planned to be planted at Crathorne Hall in early February 2020. Local schools (primary, secondary & special needs) are being contacted to visit and plant the trees, along with some charities, friends of Crathorne Hall, staff, families and guests.

These trees are going to benefit 12 native wildlife friendly species, provide environmental benefits such as CO2 absorption and will leave a legacy! Here we will document the journey that we are about to embark on with regular updates on the progress of the saplings and hopefully of the wildlife that will inhabit the woodland. 

And the good doesn’t stop there, the Native Woodland Project has a second purpose in that it will work hand in hand with supporting UK based charity ‘TReeS’ 
 (The Tambopata Reserve Society) of whom General Manager Elizabeth Raine holds close to her heart. 

The charity supports small conservation projects where she used to live in the protected Tambopata Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon. TReeS  have one specific reforestation project where native tree species are being planted on unused land originally deforested for farming. 

To link the two projects, for each tree planted at Crathorne Hall a minimum of £1 will be donated to TReeS (via gofundme). In this area of Peru £1,000 would pay for the reforestation of 2-3 hectares of native forest. 

Check back soon for an update once the saplings have been planted at Crathorne Hotel!