Nutfield Priory Spa offers treatments and products that will not only help your body start naturally detoxing but also leave you feeling relaxed and regenerated.

A detox will not only help you to eliminate toxins from your body via specific therapies, but it will also help you to improve your wellbeing and feel healthier. We talk with Spa Manager Jamie Wornham to get his tips on how to detox, and some of Nutfield Priory’s best

products and treatments for the job. 

How did you get into the spa industry? 

After several years of working in health clubs, and in almost every department, from sales to personal training, I felt the spa was the one side of the industry I had not explored enough.


Where have you worked? 

I have been employed by Hand Picked Hotels, bar a small break in the middle, for five years now, and I have been lucky enough to work in three of its country house hotels, two in the UK and one in the Channel Islands. 

What is your favourite thing about working at Nutfield Priory?

My favourite thing simply has to be the team I work with.

Does Nutfield Priory’s spa have a unique selling point? 

Nutfield’s unique selling point is the balance between holistic and relaxation, with luxury treatments.

Is there an Elemis treatment that is specific to help cleanse the body from the build-up of toxins?

Yes, the Thousand Flower Detox Wrap, which is a nutrient rich full body micro wrap using active ingredients such as green tea balm. This treatment is perfect to aid with detoxing but also weight loss. 

One way to revitalise the skin is with a salt scrub, which is your favourite and why? 

Hand Picked Hotels are proud to offer two invigorating salt scrubs, which are very 
effective, but I prefer the Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow to the Frangipani Monio Salt Glow. While it is a very nourishing exfoliator, it also helps boost your metabolism and stimulate the skin to make a perfect detoxing treatment, and it can be used at home. 

You have a sauna at your spa, how do these help detox? 

Our sauna will work wonders after your detox wrap. It will help by assisting the effect of your detox treatment by getting rid of any further water retention and toxins that may re-main in your system. 

If someone were having a spa day or spa break with you, what would you recom-mend they eat and drink during the day for detoxing? 

Water and more water. After a treatment, the body holds toxins, which can often be the reason you feel sleepy. Water can help fight the toxins but also refresh muscles and skin glands. Food wise try to stay green; the oxidants in vegetables and fruits will only work alongside the treatments in the spa.

Are there any other treatments you would recommend for detoxing? 

If you want a treatment, which is an alternative to a body wrap, then the hot mineral boost treatment is another great one to help with detoxing. This a full body massage using a combination of the Elemis Ocean Spa Body Oil that contains ingredients such as sea lav-ender oil and has a high amount of vitamin e and sea buckham oil, which is the highest source of omega 7. 

Apart from healthy eating is there anything else you would recommend customers do at home to help detox? 

To help maintain the effects of your spa detox, Elemis offer Cellutox Active Body Oil, which works alongside a dry body brush. It is perfect for water retention and body cleansing and can be used before and after showering.