With the help of our Executive Head Chef Andrew Soddy, learn how to make an Easter Egg at L'Horizon Beach Hotel & Spa.

"If you fancy experimenting this Easter then I have a recipe for you to make the perfect Easter egg, chocolate of course! It’s a no-fail recipe and even includes tips on how to make it extra shiny, the first tip is to use the best quality chocolate you can buy, 70% cocoa or above!"


  • 150g chocolate of your choice
  • Easter egg mould


  1. Start by tempering the chocolate. Break the chocolate up into small pieces and place 2/3 in a large glass or metal bowl over a pan of gently simmering water. Let the chocolate melt gradually and heat until it reaches 55 degrees.

  2. Remove the bowl and stir in the remaining chocolate, bringing the temperature down to 28 degrees.

  3. Put the bowl back on the heat and bring the chocolate up to 32 degrees - this is known as tempering.

  4. Using a pastry brunch do a thick layer of even chocolate over the mould.

  5. Put in the fridge and leave to set for 5 minutes before adding another layer of chocolate. Wipe around the edges.

  6. Repeat with the other chocolate shell and then put in the fridge to set for 1 hour.

  7. Once the chocolate has completely set, remove from the moulds by gently pushing down on the shell. 

  8. Heat a baking tray and push the edges of the shells onto it.

  9. Stick the two shells together and hold for a couple of seconds.



  1. To make your egg extra shiny polish the egg moulds with cotton wool before using.
  2. If the chocolate gets cold you will have to start again - ensure the method is completed quickly.

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