Hand Picked Chefs' Academy

Hand Picked Chefs' Academy

Hand Picked Chefs' Academy

We are proud to offer our outstanding Hand Picked Chefs' Academy in partnership with HIT Training, the UK’s leading hospitality and catering training and apprenticeship provider. 

This popular apprenticeship allows aspiring chefs to earn and learn in our beautiful venues while gaining invaluable qualifications and experience.


We created the Academy in 2011 as part of our strategy to address the chef shortage and skills gaps within our kitchen brigades. 

The programme was designed to attract apprentice chefs with the opportunity to work towards a national qualification while experiencing real life in a working kitchen. 

The initiative aims to give chefs the very best skills, inspiring them to create longevity in their own careers while encouraging promotion within the company.

The Chefs' Academy key aims are to:

  • • Attract the very best talent directly to Hand Picked Hotels.

  • • Give our chefs a programme to furnish them with the very best skills.

  • • Create a unique learning environment and development programme that is inspiring and creative.

  • • Build a strong relationship between Hand Picked Hotels and our apprentices, embedding employer values and creating employee loyalty.

  • • Create a career path to suit ambitious young chefs while encouraging them to build their experience within Hand Picked Hotels.


Hand Picked Hotels works in partnership with HIT Training, with a HIT assessor assigned to each hotel to support and assess the team members during their time enrolled. 

Each team member is allocated a mentor within the kitchen to provide supervision of the team member and take part in any learner reviews with HIT.

The course duration is 12 months and contains mandatory units that are to be completed by the team member and an end-of-year assessment.

In addition to a workplace assessment, the team members will be invited to seven one-day workshops hosted and organised by HIT and will include practical/Theory-based training.

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