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The Hand Picked Chefs Academy is in partnership with HIT Training

Current apprenticeship opportunities


The Hand Picked Chefs Academy was created in 2011 as part of our strategy to address the chef shortage and skills gaps within our kitchen brigades. The programme was designed to attract Apprentice Chefs who would be given the opportunity to work towards a national qualification, while experiencing real life in a working kitchen. 

Following the first year pilot of the apprentice chef programme, it was felt that something more was needed to respond more directly to specific employment needs. The aim is to give chefs the very best skills, inspire them to create longevity in their own careers and also to encourage the promotion of chef careers.

In particular, the aim was to address the following specific needs:

  • Attract the very best young talent directly to Hand Picked Hotels.
  • Give our chefs a programme that would furnish them with the very best skills.
  • Create a learning environment and learning programme that was inspiring and creative; one that offered more than what was then available.
  • Build a strong relationship between Hand Picked Hotels and the apprentice, to embed employer values and create employee loyalty.
  • Create a career path to suit ambitious young chefs, while encouraging them to remain with Hand Picked Hotels.



In order to be eligible for an apprenticeship, candidates must:

  • Be aged 16 or over  
  • Not be in full time education
  • Not currently hold a NVQ Level 2 or equivalent
  • Be a European Citizen


Programme Outline

Hand Picked Hotels have chosen to work alongside HIT Training, a national provider. An assessor from HIT will be assigned to each hotel to support and assess the team members during their time enrolled. 

Each team member will be allocated a mentor within the kitchen. The role of the mentor is to provide supervision of the team member and take part in any learner reviews with HIT.

The course duration is 12 months and contains mandatory units that are to be completed by the team member and an end of year assessment.

In addition to work place assessment, the team members will be invited to Seven 1 day workshops that will be hosted and organised by HIT, which will include practical/Theory based training. 


  • Apprentice salary £5 per hour – rising to £6 per hour after 6 months
  • Weekly £200 per week
  • Hours 40 per week

Apprentices are entitled to the minimum wage for their age if they are aged 19+ and have completed the first year of their apprenticeship.

Our Promise to You 

  • 5 straight shifts with 2 days off together
  • Start no earlier than 8am
  • Finish no later than 9:30pm
  • 1 weekend off in 4


Current apprenticeship opportunities