Walking is good for the soul. Our Buxted Park Hotel in East Sussex, has 312 acres of parkland and woodland to explore. You needn't feel alone though, even if at a time like this you are - so here are some tips and historic facts to keep you company....

Looking for somewhere in the countryside to walk, escape and grab some fresh air during these isolated times? Why not escape to the private acres of Buxted Park Hotel in East Sussex – the inspiring corner of England whatever your age or interests, to explore and enjoy the glorious outdoors. Fresh air has never been so important during these times so here at Hand Picked Hotels we have shared our facts, history and guided walking routes for you to enjoy!

Although wellies or suitable walking shoes may be essential, strolling around the acres that surround Buxted Park Hotel is generally an easy walk with some gentle hills along the way. Set within 312 acres of the finest parkland, gardens and woodlands, Buxted Park Hotel’s grounds have trails and paths that enchant you to wander. 

Follow the guided paths to explore the tranquil surrounding area, whilst also enjoying the captivating views across the woods and the hotel. Together, we have devised a suitable walking route for you and the family to enjoy:

1. Head through the old manor gate leading towards the hotel

2. Find St Marys Church and follow the path through the graveyard towards the back gate, go through the gate and head on up the path that leads to a slight downslope with picturesque views across Buxted.

3. You come to a signpost, head straight until there is a slight right turn toward some farm buildings. You will see an old brick structure (good photo opportunity) just before the structure turn right where the patch leads alongside a line of trees.

4. This path will lead you to some ponds and a bridge, you will also come across some other leading paths, you may take any route, but we suggest heading straight, back towards the hotel

5. Leading straight, you come to the walls of the hotel and you shall see a signpost that leads to another bridge, follow on and bear right at the gate

6. Head into the woodland through the gate and at the end of the bridge turn right where you will entre ‘Views Wood’ where arrows are in existence to guide you through the wood. Head straight until the paths divide at the green coloured arrow and follow along until you come to another bridge

7. Follow the direction you are in by using the green arrows to guide your walk until you come to a boardwalk bridge which you will then need to turn right. Follow over the bridge and bear a slight left up the inclined hill and go through the gate. Follow this path which has a slight diagonal feel to it until you reach the next opposing gate.

8. Maintain this same direction until you approach the hotel back towards the church and the original entrance.

Looking for some history too? Then escape and explore St Margaret’s Church that stands close to the mansion house and next to a Yew Tree, that was reputedly planted when the Manor of Buxted was created in the late 12th Century. The church is the only remaining part of the village of the old Buxted which was not relocated when the Manor was built. The rest of the village was moved around one mile to the northeast by the then owner, Lord Liverpool, so that it would not interrupt the impeccable views of the surrounding countryside from the main mansion house, and to make the park larger and more exclusive!

Did you know?

That Buxted Park is part of the SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest). The site was notified in 1989 under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. The site is an old deer park dating back to 1199, which consists of large amounts of unimproved grassland areas. The park has also been found to be of exceptional importance for the conservation of invertebrates, especially beetles and flies found on the marshlands and riverbanks as well as over mature trees and dead wood. The park is famous for its herd of deer and a large artificial lake which is home to several exotic birds – how many will you find?