With its exceptional reputation for bringing a strong Latino vibe to Guernsey’s shores, Búho promises a vibrant and memorable Mexican feast for all the senses.

Housed in The Venue building, our Latin Cantina, named after the Spanish word for ‘Owl’, transports you straight to sunny Mexico as soon as you walk through the door, with its bright decor, catchy tunes and warm hospitality.

Our award-winning chef combines contemporary and traditional techniques to produce incredible flavours and authentic dishes that celebrate the best of Latin America. Classic Mexican favourites sit alongside innovative street food dishes that can be customised to suit, with the option to turn up the heat for spice lovers. 

Cocktail fans will discover a world of Tequila and Rum with sassy, smooth flavours, of both young and old vintages, muddled, shaken or swirled your favourite way. Why not reserve one of our balcony tables in the summer months?

Operating Times:

Sunday & Monday: Closed 
Tuesday - Saturday: Opens for Dinner

Dinner: from 6pm - 9.45pm

Please contact the hotel to confirm your reservation.