As we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times of uncertainty, we may experience thoughts and feelings of anxiety.

It is reported that in England, 1 in 6 people endure a common mental health issue such as depression and anxiety each week.

For anyone that suffers from anxiety, the experiences, feelings and symptoms will vary along with how long they may experience their feelings of anxiety for.
If you are feeling nervous, anxious or unsettled, below are some tips and techniques that may be useful to you:

•    Note or list what makes you feel positive, happy and thankful for in your life. 
This doesn’t need to be an extensive list and can be detailed in a notebook, on a whiteboard or in the notes on your phone. Refer back to this as needed and focus on this list to help promote positive thoughts and feelings
•    Keep Active
A daily run, walk, bike ride or activity that you enjoy, even for a short period of time, will help to release endorphins that will help to boost your mood. If the weather is nice, enjoy the opportunity to be outdoors and appreciate the nature around you and the environment in your community and if the weather isn’t favourable a dance around your kitchen will help to boost your mood too!

•    Sleep
Getting a good night’s sleep will help to provide you with the energy we all need day-to-day to deal with situations and our own thoughts and feelings. Creating a bedroom routine will help to set your body into a rhythm for relaxing and helping with sleep. See our blog on how to gain more from your bath time

•    Breathe 
Yoga and meditation practices are great ways to help induce relaxation into your life which will help thoughts and feelings that may be making you anxious subside. Allocating even a small amount of time to your day to practice will help to quieten the mind and focus on controlled breathing – both of which will help to aid relaxation and help to reduce levels of 
anxiety and stress

•    Communicate
We have all been separated from the people in our lives that matter most at the moment and although we may not be able to meet up with everyone in person, do not underestimate the effect of hearing somebody’s voice, seeing someone on a virtual call or seeing a familiar face will have on helping to feel reassured, positive and uplifted.