Enjoying regular exercise is without doubt one of the most important changes you could make to your lifestyle. Many of us are leading increasingly sedentary regimes: public transport, office work and relaxation time all involves sitting, and a lack of regular physical activity can result in many unpleasant problems. From obesity and type 2 diabetes, to heart disease, stroke, high blood pressue, high cholesterol level and even certain cancers, it is crucial that we all exercise our bodies regularly and correctly.

The NHS is in agreement with claims that exercise boasts healing properties and can help to reduce your risk of major illnesses, and it has reported that a lack of activity is as ‘deadly as smoking’. Incorporating just 30-minutes of physical activity into your routine five times a week is enough to make a dramatic difference to your physical and mental wellbeing. One of the best forms of exercise is jogging as it offers an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise (which works your heart), as well as helping to strengthen bones, support effective circulation, aid digestion, boost immunity, reduce stress levels, increase weight loss results, and improve your mood. However, in light of the fact that autumn is upon us, the mornings and evenings are darker and temperatures are dropping, you will be forgiven for not wanting to venture outdoors.

So here are some reasons why you should consider making the treadmill a regular feature in your workouts:

  • The first, and most obvious, benefit of treadmill running is that it offers year-round comfort and consistency. You can avoid challenging extremes in temperature – not just cold, wet and inclement conditions, such as snow, ice and winds, but also heat and humidity during the summer months which can often impede your physical performance. By running on a treadmill throughout the year you are able to consistently build upon your fitness levels, as well as concentrating and focusing solely on your workout.
  • Running on a treadmill is a safer option, particularly when compared with running outdoors in the dark. Uneven surfaces, potholes and other trip hazards are a nightmare for outdoor runners; however, running on a treadmill eliminates any fear of sprains, strains or falls thanks to an even and well-sprung surface.
  • Monitor your pace and performance more easily on a treadmill, and vary the profile too by increasing the incline or speed, or choosing a fat burning profile, for example. You will find this particularly useful if you are looking to improve your fitness levels or lose weight. Furthermore, opting for specific training profiles is ideal if you are working towards an event.
  • Treadmill running is not as impactful on your joints and bones when compared with road running, which means a reduction in the possibility of injury as well as any long-term problems. Treadmill running is the better option if you are concerned about your skeleton as it offers more cushioning than a concrete surface.