How to successfully plan your next team building event with Hand Picked Hotels.

Corporate team building events in the UK

Team building days are a great way to reward your employees and help foster solid working relationships. Team building activities are designed to be fun and motivational whilst helping to build essential skills like communication, planning and problem solving. As one of the most important investments you will make as a company it is essential to ensure your team building event is effective. 

Team building logistics

First of all set an objective – what are you looking to accomplish with your team building day? Are you rewarding your employees for a project they successfully completed for example, or do you want them to learn how to work together better? You then need to ascertain a budget, a time that is convenient for your employees and at a location which is accessible to them if you are not providing transport.

Team building activities

It goes without saying that you should plan something interesting, enjoyable and competitive in order to bring people closer together but you should also take into account average ages, abilities of the group, interests and job roles. It is a good idea to provide lunch as well as snacks and beverages throughout the activity, and last but not least ask your employees to provide anonymous feedback at the end. 

Team building in the UK

All of our country house hotels can host team building events and we can cater for a party of ten to a large organisation on an exclusive use basis. Moreover with venues all over the UK and relationships with third party suppliers such as The Team Building Company (above imagery) and GOTO Events, who can run activities from our premises – from Olympic games and "It's a Knockout" courses to chocolate making and timed challenges – Hand Picked Hotels can provide a number of packages to suit your individual requirements.