Social Media

We are very excited to be able to make some changes to our social media accounts. The team have been busy working on enhancing this channel to suit an upmarket, luxury feel for the older demographic.

Our audience is more active on Facebook but Instagram is still relevant for brand awareness and promoting our brand message, tone and personality. We want to shout about our great outdoors, dining experiences, wellness and beautiful buildings plus highlight our Hand Picked Hosts and top service.





Watch This

Please watch our video which introduces how ReallySocial will be adapting the new style plus how you can keep track on how well this channel is performing with a new reporting tool. New software is now able to give hotels the chance to reply to all messages and comments all in one place as well as approve their content. All posts will now be graphically designed with our polaroid/ border style.


Your Toolkit

We've created a user guide for team members for when hotels are back onboard and re-trained in how to post and handle social media tasks. You'll also find a handy 'to-do checklist' of the type of things we should be doing on social media. 

Download Checklist

Download Replies Guide

Download style guide

Photoshoots for social media!

Please do contact Janina/Shannon regarding booking a photoshoot with ReallySocial when you are ready!