Hand Picked Hotels, a unique collection of country house and spa hotels located throughout the UK and the Channel Islands has today announced a £3 per hour pay rise for every employee across the 21 hotels the group operates.

The pay increase has been given in order to support staff given the unprecedented cost of living crisis that is currently being faced.  

The crisis is hitting most severely those on lower salaries including many in the hospitality industry - an industry that is absolutely vital to the British economy, providing millions of jobs and serving millions of people every day.
 Julia Hands MBE, Chairman and CEO Hand Picked Hotels said:

“To help our staff through the cost of living crisis we have given each and every employee a pay increase of £3 per hour which is also in recognition of their amazing efforts in working so diligently to welcome back our guests as we reopened when Covid restrictions were lifted. Alongside the pay rise we will invest even more in training for our people. 

The hospitality industry requires highly skilled and well trained staff at all levels in order to provide the very best guest experience. This is not a low skilled industry but a highly skilled industry.  Our ambition in Hand Picked is to grow and develop future leaders of the industry. This pay increase is about us, a family-owned family of hotels looking after our family of colleagues who are at the very heart of what Hand Picked does.”

Released: 30th September 2022