Bar Supervisor at Rookery Hall Hotel

"My main role is running the bar at Rookery Hall, creating cocktails and turning sceptics into believers regarding all things gin!"

Jessie has worked at Rookery Hall Hotel for over two years and her current role is Bar Supervisor.

Jessie is affectionately known as 'Gin Jess', loves her role and takes her gin seriously. So much so, that Jessie was awarded Employee of the Year 2016 at Rookery Hall Hotel.

What is Jessie's day-to-day role?

Her day is busy; liasing with different staff, such as the Chef, to find out the soup of the day (which may require a cup of coffee to barter for the information!), replenishing stock and working through the different taks on her checklist.

The most important task is to select the gin of the day and create a display that is sure to attract the unaware gin lover.

She also likes to share her love for gin on social media and often snaps the display of the gin so the social media team to put on their Facebook and Twitter.

Jessie also takes part in staff training each evening at 6pm. This will have different focus each evening, though the general idea is to discuss the beverage of the night and set sales targets for each member of the team so that they have an aim for the evening... They have to try and beat it!

What is Jessie's favourite part of the job?

Her favourite part of the job is seeing other team member's flourish when faced with a challenge. Jessie and her team offer a 'gin of the night' and a 'cocktail of the night' and there is often a competition to see who can sell the most!

It is really rewarding to watch a new member of staff gain the confidence to recommend a product to a guest, and the pride they feel when the drink is accepted and enjoyed is contagious!


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