Our commitment to you

Our commitment to you

We are committed to ensuring that Hand Picked People get the opportunities they need to develop their talent and potential.

We are committed to ensuring that Hand Picked People get the opportunities they need to develop their talent and potential.  You will be supported by your Head of Department, your Human Resources Manager and by our Regional Training Team throughout your career. We are very proud that our service programme, Being Hand Picked, has won two national awards for training. 

Industry recognition of the quality of our training, along with the time, resources and level of commitment put in by the managers and trainers show that our commitment to you is genuine.  

Team members

As a matter of course, we will provide you with training in your job role to learn the technical skills required to do your job along with our Hand Picked brand standards and behaviours to ensure you are confident in delivering the level of service our guests expect when they stay in one of our hotels.

Your programme is structured to include:

  • Company Induction
  • Being Hand Picked
  • Job role skills and knowledge

In addition to this, we offer tailored programmes of development such as:

  • Front Office Academies
  • F&B Academies
  • Chefs Academies

We can also provide you with the opportunity to gain qualifications such as:

  • Food Hygiene
  • WSET
  • First Aid
  • Practical Training Certificate
  • Group Training Certificate
  • NVQs 

To make sure your development is progressing in the way you need, and to give you the chance to discuss your performance throughout the year, each team member receives an annual appraisal.  We will make sure you are thoroughly prepared for this to make the most of the conversation with your line manager. 

Team leaders 

We offer a portfolio of programmes to develop your knowledge and skills in our leadership competency areas: 

  • Managing Your Own Performance 
  • Leading and Developing Your Team
  • Driving Business and Financial Performance

Our portfolio contains programmes that cover a broad range of subjects from developing your emotional intelligence to developing a three-year business plan and from interviewing skills to coaching skills.

Annual conferences

We have specialist conferences during the year to provide the opportunity for each Team Leader to be updated on group news and developments for his or her specialist area and to be involved in developing the department and receive some personal development.  It is also a great opportunity to meet with peers, network and socialise during the day and over dinner.

Project groups

We believe in involving our people in our business development.  Throughout the year there are working parties in action with team members from a variety of job roles from both the hotels and our support office in Sevenoaks. 

Becoming involved in a project group is a great way to develop new skills and knowledge, challenge the way we work and shape the future of Hand Picked Hotels.

Activity in your hotel 

Of course, we are just as keen that all the team are included in activities at the hotel.  You can become involved in a number of ways such as:  

  • Team Member Forum, a communication tool to facilitate two way communication and to allow consultation with the team members.
  • Energy and Green Team - developing ideas for our corporate social responsibility and energy management