This month we look at ways of how to propose on Valentine’s Day.

For some couples, getting engaged on Valentine's Day is the most romantic way to prove their ultimate commitment to one another. So, with that special day almost here, Hand Picked Hotels have come up with a few essential dos and don'ts on how to best propose. 

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days for getting engaged, so don’t make it obvious that you are proposing. Just act as if you are doing something special simply because it is Valentine’s Day. Throw them off – tell them that you have a romantic dinner reservation at 7pm then just before you are about to leave the house make your grand gesture.

Don’t over complicate or overdo things. Big gestures such as a hiring dancers, limos and helicopters are not necessary. Popping the question is special enough in itself. Likewise don’t hide the ring somewhere where you could lose it or easily forget about it. Adding too much detail will only serve to stress you out, but do add personalised elements, like your partner’s favourite flowers or piece of music. 

Consider your location – if your partner hates to be centre of attention, chances are they will not want a public proposal, in which case think where might be special, more intimate place. Return to where you had your first date for instance, the first place you kissed or the first place you said I love you.

If something unexpected happens prior to the proposal, then just go with the flow, it will all add character to the event. So often we have heard stories of people who – perhaps because of nerves – believe that their partner has spotted the ring box and brought the proposal forward scuppering their original plan, when they never had the slightest idea.

Don’t have expectations of how your partner will react. Some laugh, some cry, some scream, some curse – but just because they don’t immediately reply with yes don’t feel let down, allow their emotion to come naturally, after all it’s a life changing proposition. 

If you are planning to make the ultimate statement of love on February 14 then all of Hand Picked Hotels have ready-made Valentine’s Day packages available to add that extra romance to your special moment. 

Our beautiful heritage country house hotels provide the ideal romantic backdrop, and we can take care of all your engagement needs. Whether you decide to ask in the bedroom, in front of the fireplace or over a candle-lit dinner, we can also help set the mood with a bottle of fine Champagne, chocolate dipped strawberries or scattered rose petals. You can make it as simple or as extravagant as you like.

Hand Picked Hotels will set the perfect mood for you and your loved one. We can help you plan every detail to make it as easy as possible for you to pop the question.