By Miguel de Sousa, Bar Manager at St Pierre Park Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort


I am Miguel de Sousa, Bar Manager at St Pierre Park Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort. I have been looking after the hotel's five bars since 2005. I oversee the main hub of the hotel - The Terrace Cafe Bar and with my team provide a relaxed yet efficient style of food and beverage service. Portugal, my home country I worked in large night club venues and have a passion and real interest in experimenting with new cocktails.

Enjoy scaring all your guests with this creepy eye ball ice cube. So easy to make!


For one drink:

2 lychees

2 blueberries

Blackcurrant cordial



  1. Stuff a blueberry inside of a lychee

  2. Soak the lychee in blackcurrant cordial for 30 minutes to tint the eyeball red/pink (dilute the cordial for a lighter tint of red)

  3. Remove from the cordial and freeze overnight

  4. You can then use them to scare people in their drinks! They can also be used as a garnish as they are edible and tasty!