Celebrate World Cocktail Day on 13th May 2019 with some inspiration from our bar team at Hand Picked Hotels across the UK and Channel Islands.

We hope that people all over the world are planning to make some time to enjoy their favourite cocktail today in celebration of World Cocktail Day. We asked a few of our bar team which of the Hand Picked cocktails they most enjoy making and what they would recommend…

Audley's Mojito

"The beauty of cocktails is that they allow for experimenting with many different flavours and scents and when perfectly combined can create a unique sensory experience that gives that “wow” moment on first sip. I love using rosemary as opposed to mint in our take on the popular Mojito cocktail – best enjoyed on a sunny afternoon I would say." Zoe, Audley's Wood Hotel

The Piña Colada

"The Terrace at L’horizon is set on the beach so when the great British summer is in full swing and the sun is beaming I recommend the classic Piña Colada. This cocktail was made for carefree afternoons which is exactly what I hope our guests are enjoying when staying or dining at the hotel." Nicola, Food and Beverage Manager at L’Horizon Beach Hotel

The Love Affair

"I like making a cocktail that takes skill and which looks too good to drink! The Love Affair took me a little while to master but it is great to be able to make these for our guests. It is made with Grenadine which is poured in using the back of a spoon so it sits in the bottom of the glass without blending with the rest.Your first taste of this cocktail is different to your last." Allister, Buxted Park Hotel

The Mud Slide

"I think the perfect cocktail is one which can be enjoyed after dinner like a dessert. This one is very indulgent and has quite a host of spirits hiding in its sweet and creamy body. It takes  a bit of technique to get the frothiness just perfect." Paul, Stanbrook Abbey


"This may be small but it is so mighty. I personally enjoy a cocktail most in the summer, especially whilst on holiday. This drink captures a holiday in a glass and is made with Midori – it tastes like a Calipso ice lolly, hence the inspiration behind the name." Andrew, Chilston Park Hotel

Lymington Gin and Tonic

"I recommend our take on the classic Gin and Tonic. We use a local gin from Lymington which is distilled only 8 miles away. It’s made with juniper and coriander which really comes through in this refreshing drink. I serve it with Pomegranate and Elderflower tonic with a scatter of pomegranate seeds and a sprig of mint with plenty of ice." Michal, Rhinefield House Hotel

Sweet Sunrise Mocktail

"Cocktails should be enjoyed at all times of day in my opinion so a 'mocktail' is great for guests who are looking for something to enjoy when perhaps they don't wish to consume alcohol. It still involves getting all of the flavours and textures working together to create a delicious blend. This one has orange juice and raspberry syrup combined for a fruity treat " Marc, Nutfield Priory Hotel