Our grounds and gardens are home to many species of wildlife! And with hotel teams sharing a passion for supporting and caring for the inhabitants we hope to see even more. What will you discover?

The Woodland Walk at Crathorne Hall, North Yorkshire 

The team at Crathorne have taken action to convert unused areas within the estate to introduce wildlife into the gardens and woods by installing conservation areas and breeding grounds. Groundskeeper Chris has been hard at word utilising the un-purposed areas of Crathorne Hall by creating a ‘Woodlands Walk’ around the gardens. 

Guests can embark on the trail which is signposted and guided by a characterised map available from reception. Those who enter the Woodlands Walk can explore the area that Chris has created and filled with playful fun activity, all made out of the foraging from the surrounding wood and parkland. How many wooden figures will you be able to find?

On the trail guests can also see some of the inhabiting wildlife through dedicated bird watching stations which look onto tree boxes which have been installed for birds, bats and owls to nest. 

In addition to the Woodland Walk, you’ll also find multiple beehives within the grounds of the hotel, which have become a popular attraction for guests. Chris who is a fanatic in carpentry and restoring the bee population, has installed 10 different beehives in total including a handmade Kenyan Beehive! The honey collected from the hives, depending on the season, is often sold at the hotel via the reception and found served during breakfast and afternoon tea.

Discover Deer at Nutfield Priory, Surrey

Real life deer often make an appearance in the grounds at Nutfield Priory...

Ponies at Rhinefield House, New Forest

The majestic ponies which roam the New Forest surrounding Rhinefield House have been known to pay the hotel team a visit every so often! 

Guinea fowl guests at Audleys Wood, Hampshire

Anyone who has stayed at Audleys Wood will be familiar with Dave and Davina, our long standing residents. 

Bat Watching at Ettington Park, Stratford-upon-Avon

We recently had a visit from the local bat conservation trust (BATS) who were counting and observing our resident group of lesser horseshoe bats - a rare but not endangered species! The team were delighted to learn that the trust recorded the largest group at the hotel since observations started. See if you can spot our furry friends when staying with us.