While having your guests throw rice at the end of the ceremony used to be tradition, there are now so many other options to create a wedding send-off that you will not forget. Take a peep at our favourites…

The tradition of a send-off, whereby newlyweds depart before the reception has long gone, with most couples choosing to make the most of their wedding and stay until the very last dance – or even after breakfast the following day. However, that is not to say you cannot have a memorable farewell. 

The wedding send-off tradition all began with throwing rice, a symbol of prosperity and good luck, kept simple by passing around baskets of rice among friends and family to toss. Dating back to ancient Rome, the tossing of rice on a newly married couple also signified fertility, both for the couple and their crops. 

The wedding send-off is still a common nuptial practice, but what if you are not looking to add to your family any time soon or you want to make your exit grander? Fortunately, there are now many interesting ways to create a final moment of joy for you and your guests, and we have come up with ten special ideas sure to inspire you, whatever style of wedding you have opted for.

Fun: Have your guests blow bubbles, this is great for any couples who are getting married with children. You could also personalise the bottles so your guests remember the day every time they use the bubbles in the future. Glam brides may prefer glitter and sequins for their send-off, while boho brides may like feathers. 

Romantic: Exit your special day beneath a shower of rose petals, or wild flowers in paper cones if you are going for a rustic themed wedding. Lavender buds would also work and are sweetly scented as well. 

Seasonal: If you are holding a winter wedding, make it artificially snow for your farewell, alternatively if you are planning to wed in autumn use bold coloured fallen leaves.

Timeless: Nowadays, sparklers or confetti is a common and colourful way to make your exit, or for those wanting a more dramatic send-off, a firework display.

Quirky: Get your guests to wave pom-poms that coordinate with your wedding colours, or hold glow sticks to light the way to your new life.

Eco-friendly: A greener alternative to throwing rice is oatmeal or birdseed – great for wild animal lovers, or for a more creative touch, hole-punch coloured leaves. You can also buy plantable heart shaped confetti made from biodegradable eco-paper, that when thrown outside will grow into wildflowers!

Unique: Double your programs as paper aeroplanes, choose your colour and stamp your initials on each plane for a personalised touch. 

Modern: Flags are a very contemporary way to cheer on the bride and groom – why not include blank flags and art supplies at the tables so that each guest can decorate their own and feel like they are a part of your big day.

Nature: Butterflies represent new change, hope and life, so a butterfly release is a great wedding symbol and a magical way to start your journey as husband and wife.
Artsy: One way to ensure a creative send-off is with smoke bombs (voted as the hottest wedding trend by Huffington Post in 2016) – choose a colour that matches your floral arrangements and let them erupt in the background. You should always acknowledge your family and friends for attending your special day with custom thank you cards that display your send-off photo, and it does not get much more dramatic than this.

Last but not least, make sure you double-check with your venue what is prohibited– if you get married with Hand Picked Hotels for example some properties do not allow fireworks during the lambing season.