Valentine’s Day, the day of love! It can be said that the best experiences are ones which we put together ourselves and often the most thoughtful gifts are ones which we’ve created or worked on. 

So what better day to embrace the ‘do-it-yourself’ culture that we have all become so accustomed to of late? We’ve turned our hand to home hair-cuts, taken on projects big and small, mastered workouts in whatever space we have available and given new recipes a whirl. 

This Valentine’s Day get creative and show the one you love how much you care with something a little different. Here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration…

1. Have a board game night 

Choose your favourite board game and make sure you’ve got plenty of food and drink to keep you on top of your game! Looser has to clear up.

2. Turn your living room into a ballroom

Move the furniture out the way, turn on the music and dance the night away. Don’t know how to dance? Why not find an instructional video and use the night to learn together?

3. Host a spa day

Bubble bath, foot massages even facials. Make your own itinerary cards too for a really authentic experience.

4. Cook dinner together

Our Hand Picked at Home take away boxes make this super easy, we’ve done the hard bit so you can finish off and serve up a delicious dinner at home. Go all out with a Chataeubriand or Wellington (both beef and veg options available). Find out more here.

5. Watch a romantic film

You can make it feel like you’re at the cinema with a little creativity. Popcorn, tasty treats or savory snacks – whatever you usually indulge in make sure you have to hand before you get comfy on the sofa

6. Get artistic 

Try drawing or painting each other’s portraits. You could even frame them as a keepsake! 

7. Set up a treasure hunt

Create a map and clues to lead them to the bounty – you can make it as easy or challenging as you like.

8. Do afternoon tea

Set up your perfect afternoon tea setting – whether that’s a carpet picnic in the living room, a traditional set up in the dining room or an indulgent bedroom experience. You can order your Valentine’s tea to collect from each of our hotels here.

9. Make a list 

Planning things to look forward to can be a real feel-good activity, especially during a time when the option to get out and about is not available to us. Write down your top 10 destinations to visit as soon as you can. We recommend a country house escape in one of our suite bedrooms if you’re not sure where to start…

10. Have a karaoke night

Sorry to the neighbours in advance! Go all out on this one – dress up, stock the bar with your favourite tipple and put your favourite songs into a hat. Each of you will have to choose one from the pot and give it their best vocals! 


Wishing you a very happy Valentine's Day at Home this year.