Read top tips you can do in lockdown to sort through your old make-up and products to make room for new routines, habits and brands' latest launches.

Spa Manager Steph from the beautiful Rhinefield House Hotel in the New Forest tells us:

"The shelf life of cosmetics depends on the period after opening and production date.  

Each and every cosmetic product obtains a jar symbol (with a number) found somewhere on the packaging. This is known as the PAO (Period After Opening) and is essentially the expiry time of the product upon opening.  

Alternatively, websites such as ‘cosmetic’ or ‘’ can be used to input the product brand and batch code to calculate the production and expiry dates of products.

Beauty products do not last forever, so it’s important to regularly check cosmetics and throw away anything that is no longer safe to use.  

Why not make this the start of a new habit and commit to sorting through your stash every season? 

Clean your make-up brushes

In these times where we are more aware than ever that increased hygiene is key, it is important that everyday items such as make-up brushes aren’t forgotten.  Now is the perfect time to clean out make-up bags (either put them in the washing machine or wipe over using antibacterial wipes if this isn’t possible) and ensure each item placed back inside is clean – including brushes!

Even though brushes should always be cleaned regularly, it’s easy for months on end to slip by and for tools to be saturated with makeup, dirt and bacteria. This then transfers onto your face with every application, causing breakouts and irritation, make-up contamination and prevents products from performing at their best.  Regular gentle cleaning keeps brushes hygienic, performing beautifully and helps them to last longer too.  

We recommend Mii’s conditioning, fragrance-free solid balm to dissolve make-up and keep brushes beautifully soft and smooth."

Mii Cleanse & Condition Brush Balm:

  • Removes all makeup, including creams, powders and lipstick
  • Is infused with Coconut Oil and Shea Butter - to condition
  • Is the simplest way to clean brushes 
  • Has a naturally fresh, clean scent and is fragrance free