To celebrate the launch of immersive CBD spa experiences at Fawsley Hall Hotel & Spa, award-winning luxury CBD brand OTO share their top tips to help you drift off peacefully.

Sienna, OTO’s 'Holistic Health Coach, Hormone Expert & Sleep Specialist', keeps things simple and has distilled her advice into these actionable areas to help you drift off...

We don't need to emphasise the benefits of good sleep or the consequences of a lack of it; emotionally, physically, mentally - sleep affects every area of our lives. 

1. “A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow.” — Charlotte Brontë

Anxiety is our brain asking questions we can’t answer. To stop this anxious thought loop running, get your thoughts down on paper. Identifying what may be worrying you takes some of the sting out of it, and helps release any unhelpful thoughts whirling around your mind while you are trying to fall asleep. 

2. Could your hormones be keeping you up?

While your hormones help your body to function, changes in your hormones can wreak havoc on your sleep routine and quality. In addition to this, when your cortisol (stress hormone) levels are high, your melatonin (sleep hormone) levels will suffer, leaving you in that tired but wired state. 

Our three ‘happy hormone hacks’:

1. Eat lots of healthy fats - hormones are produced from fats. Eating the right kinds of dietary fats (omega 3 fatty acids, nuts and seeds, avocados, olive oils) is crucial for achieving great hormonal health.

2. Balance your blood sugar levels - fast from dinner until breakfast and try to avoid snacking before bedtime.

3. Exercise in the morning - HIT and strength training are best for sleep and if you can do this outside, it is even better for your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle.

3. Get your nervous system on side

Our nervous system is incredibly clever. It governs functions in your body like how quickly your heart beats. In order to fall asleep, your heart rate needs to drop, however many of us are stuck in the red zone - often known as 'fight or flight', where our body and mind are on high alert. To get our body in the ‘rest and digest’ mode before bed, the best thing to do is incorporate calming lifestyle activities such as yoga, meditation and breathwork into our evening routines.

4. CBD for sleep

CBD is a great way to enhance a healthy sleeping rhythm and reduce sleep anxiety. Our high-strength sleep drops won’t leave you feeling drowsy or tired, instead, they are specifically created to maintain balance within your body. It is less 'knock you out' and more 'gently power down' through gently inducing a sense of tranquillity, with a no-grogginess guarantee the next day. If you (like so many) find that your mind goes into overdrive come bedtime, you're the perfect candidate.

Sleep well,


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