We are currently seeing a surge in a new type of enquiry at Hand Picked Hotels. The family fun day. But these aren’t the typical community style, weekend events you might expect. Our Lead Regional Account Manager, Lucy Gilpin explains...

“These new family fun day enquiries are coming from large corporate companies and replacing the more typical staff summer parties they would generally book for their employees. Instead of the drinks reception, dinner and evening celebration we would expect, many of our clients are requesting summer parties with the agenda and guest list extending to employees, their families and children. Plus, organisers have healthy budgets to spend.”

Is this another post-covid emerging trend? We think so. Companies seem to be evolving the way they value and relate to their employees, seeing them as more than just a one dimensional colleague, and instead cultivating a positive and multi-dimensional approach to the work-family relationship.

During the pandemic many of us were thrown into mixing work with family rather abruptly and it has been far from a seamless transition. We’ve all seen the videos online of kids bursting into live TV interviews asking for snacks and probably had similar experiences ourselves. Did you ever think you would be (virtually) inside your Director’s living room while he/she accepts an Amazon delivery? Probably not.

But now, even post pandemic as many of us return to the office and a sense of ‘normality’, there seems to be a continued blur of the boundaries when it comes to the intersection of work and personal life.

Perhaps family fun days are a step towards a more enriching work-life balance? At Hand Picked Hotels, we are here for the change. Like many businesses in the hospitality/events sector, we have gotten pretty good at adapting. We can absolutely help our clients plan incredible summer fun days for employees and their families – hosting tailored events in our stunning venues and grounds is what we do best after all.

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