Our Health Clubs & Spas remain closed but Health & Beauty Manager at Rhinefield House, Stephanie, is on hand to help you reach your lash and brow potential from home with a few top tips.

"I joined the team at Rhinefield House Hotel in October 2020 as 'Health and Beauty Manager'.  I have over a decade's worth of experience within the health and wellness industry, obtained within red five-star hospitality, advanced aesthetics and clinical practice and more recently working worldwide onboard private Superyachts. Here are my top tips to really care for your lashes and brows through lockdown."


With mandatory masks now concealing our mouths and noses and our expressions viewed with only the top part of our faces in sight, it’s only natural that our eyes have never been more noticed. At a time when you are unable to attend your essential eye appointments it's vital to take care of your lashes and brows. In fact, having time at home could actually mean reaching your full eyelash and eyebrow potential. 


1. A popular technique to help the growth of lases is by brushing them. This gets rid of any dirt and dust particles and encourages blood circulation. Apply a Vitamin E enriched oil to an eyelash brush, then run the brush through your lashes, gently stroking upwards from root to tip. It is recommended that you do this for five minutes twice a day for the maximum result.

2. Ensure you are not using any mascaras that have been open for longer than 3 months. Avoid applying long lasting or waterproof mascaras if you don’t need to during lockdown as they are known to be very drying.

3. Remove your mascara every evening whilst avoiding heavy rubbing of the eye area.  Maintaining healthy lashes with a good cleansing routine should stimulate growth and stop them from falling out.


1. Let your brows grow! There’s no better way to get fuller, healthier brows than letting them grow out. If you can leave your brows for six to eight weeks, they can reach their full potential and you’ll see your natural shape. The thicker the brow, the more you’ll have to work with when it comes to shaping.

2. One of the most popular methods for aiding the growth of your eyebrows is by applying Castor Oil to them using a cotton bud. After you have doused them thoroughly, massage around the brow bone and temple area to stimulate blood flow and promote growth. Leave the oil in overnight and cleanse off the next day.

3. Be careful when tweezing! If your eyebrows become too unruly to bare and you just have to tidy, ensure you take a really good look at what needs to be plucked before you begin. Brush the brows and focus only on those underneath the brow bone. Tweeze in natural light with a good mirror and pull firmly from the root in the same direction as they are growing.