Adjusting to a new way of life during periods of lockdown can be challenging for everyone in different ways. We've put together a few tips you may find helpful.

1. Follow a routine

Give your day structure by settling in to a set routine. 

• Sleep quality is as important as sleep quantity, try to go to bed and wake at the same time each day. 

• When working from home, schedule time to have lunch and take regular screen breaks.

• Plan regular exercise, whether it’s going for a log walk or lifting some weights, exercising can really help you to stick to a good routine. 

2. Eat well

Use this time to prepare meals from scratch and try new recipes.

• Remember to have your 5 a day, fruit and vegetables make sure you’re getting a range of nutrients. Fresh, frozen, dried and tinned options all count.

• Eat regular meals and try to have small healthy snacks such as fat free natural yoghurt, fruit and nuts and seeds. 

3. Keep hydrated

Drinking water helps you to combat fatigue and feel more energised, aim for 6 glasses of water per day or more if you have been exercising. 

4. Avoid excess

It can be easy to allow unhealthy habits to set in during lockdown. While it might feel like a coping strategy these habits can often make you feel a lot worse in the long run. 

• Try cutting down on caffeine you drink. Too much caffeine can make you feel irritable, anxious and affect your sleeping pattern especially if you drink it later in the day. 

• While it might be tempting, try to avoid alcohol and smoking, it’s a lot harder to reduce your intake again than it is to increase it.

5. Take time to switch off

If you find watching the news or checking online for updates is making you feel stressed don’t feel guilty for switching off and taking time away from potential triggers. Whilst social media is great for keeping in touch with your loved ones be cautious as social media can be an outlet for ‘fake news’. 

6. Spend time in nature

Try going for a walk and take in the nature around you. Immerse yourself in the outdoors and take time to experience:

• looking for patterns in the clouds

• listening to birds song and other wildlife

• smelling the fresh autumn air

• observe the changing colours of the landscape

7. Maintain relationships

Many of us have found solace in friendships, whilst lockdown can feel isolating we can also find more time to pick up the phone and speak to those we love. Video calls are also a fantastic tool for those with big families as you can catch up and feel connected. 

8. Be kind

We all have bad days and whilst in lockdown it’s harder to find distraction from negative thoughts. Take time out for self-care and be kind to yourself.