if you are feeling in need of some important ‘you time’, why not consider the many benefits to be enjoyed from an Indian head massage. Book now.

We are all guilty of working too hard and not finding the time to let our bodies rest and minds relax. Our stressful lifestyles and long hours at either work or home, combined with often too little sleep, culminates in very many of us being left feeling exhausted, fatigued and unwell.

Whilst you may feel that treating yourself to a spa treatment, or even a spa day or break, is an extravagant luxury it is actually more necessary than you think. Making time to relax will help your mind and body tackle stress, tension, pressure and anxiety more effectively – and, as a result, you will find you are more productive in the long-term.

Our spas offer a range of treatments perfectly designed to ensure you enjoy the full benefits of a relaxing escape; whether that is the complete tranquillity of a one-off massage treatment or a blissful spa weekend of pampering. So if you are feeling in need of some important ‘you time’, why not consider the many benefits to be enjoyed from an Indian head massage:

Indian head massage has been practiced in India for thousands of years and  is one of the most truly relaxing and therapeutic treatments available. A deep massage which focuses predominantly on your head, neck and shoulders, it is ideal if you suffer from stress and tension in these key areas. Indian head massage uses a variety of techniques to tap into your 7 ‘chakras’, which are energy paths and can encourage healing and balance within your body. In addition, spending a concentrated period of time to focus on relaxing and unwinding is restorative for your mind and body as it will help to reduce your anxiety levels as well as feelings of fatigue and stress hormones.

Massage in general can really boost your overall body health, including reducing your blood pressure and encouraging the release of endorphins (happy hormones), which all help in the fight against stress or illness. Indian head massage can also help to support your immune system by increasing your counts of white blood cells. It stimulates the flow of blood, lymph and oxygen in your upper body, which offers an array of benefits including clearing sinuses and improving your sleep. Furthermore, Indian head massage in particular can assist migraine sufferers; it is scientifically proven to reduce both the number of attacks, as well as the severity of symptoms too.

The aromatherapy oils used during an Indian head massage, as well as the techniques involved in the scalp massage, will help to nourish and condition your hair. Certain oils can help with excess oiliness, whilst others can relieve dandruff, thinning hair or a dry and itchy scalp. Plus, if you are trying to grow your hair then an Indian head massage can help to stimulate the hair follicles.