Learn a new skill - hand reflexology

If you are interested in trying hand reflexology, then seeking a qualified expert is advised, however  if you are just looking for some quick relaxation techniques then basic hand massage is a new skill that is easy to learn, quick to practice, take little time to do and may even be good for you! 

What is hand reflexology?
Hand reflexology is a practice which involves the application of pressure to specific points on the hands. It is done using firm thumb, finger and hand massage techniques without the use of oil or lotion.  There is belief that gentle pressure on certain parts of the hands can produce effect elsewhere in the body. 
In basic terms reflexology aids relaxation, speeds up circulation which in turn helps flush unwanted toxins out of the body.

Why Hand Massage – what are the benefits? 
Even though a hand massage may seem simple, it may provide a whole host of health benefits including:

•    Aids joint movement and increases flexibility
•    Ease constipation
•    Alleviate headaches 
•    Alleviating back pain
•    Helps alleviate pain e.g. caused by repetitive movement like typing
•    Boosts blood circulation 
•    Provide some relief from conditions like headaches, tooth ache, shoulder pains, injuries
•    Relief from period pains or symptoms of menopause 
•    Reduction of allergy symptoms
•    Helps reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
•    Regulation of breathing – opening of sinuses
Here are some simple moves to get you started (if you have time you may wish to sit somewhere warm & comfortable and place on some relaxing music)
Warm up the hands by: 

•    Rubbing your hands together either flat or folded over each other 
•    Clasping your hands together and then rolling both hands around in circles around your wrist 
•    Clasp your hands together interlocking your fingers then pull them apart 
•    Hold one hand flat facing upwards, pull down on the finger tips (together) using the other hand to over extend the palm (reverse the other way)

Simple moves (repeat several times on each side)

1)    Relax one hand by rubbing your thumb from the other hand in wide movements over your palm, working out from the centre to the edges (grip the hand and  apply pressure as you do it)

2)    With the hand facing downwards use the thumb from your other hand to firmly rub down in long, straight motions from wrists to the base of the fingers. Work on the line between the knuckles. Be careful not to press too hard and hurt yourself but you do require pressure

3)    Wrap your hand round each finger one by one and gently rotate at the joint, as if using a joystick in an arcade game

4)    Firm thumb walk from the wrist of the other hand along the edge of the other thumb till its tip

5)    Pinch and firm massage the end of each finger (between your thumb and forefinger)

6)    Rotate a tight grip finger and thumb around each finger  – do several in each direction working from top to bottom 

7)    Thumb walk across the palm of your hand – work in lines from one side to the other covering the whole palm (apply pressure and grip as you go)

8)    Starting at the base of each finger, rub in small circles until you reach the tip

9)    Apply gentle pressure in small circles to the top of the thumb and then each finer

10)    Drink a big glass of water to aid the flush out of unwanted waste and toxins.