A guide to how to make a simple and easy mood or vision board to really get creative.

During these times of uncertainty and for many of us a different pace of life, why not use this opportunity to create a vision board which you can use to focus on hobbies, interests, travels, plans and desires for the future. These are a way for you to get creative and personalize them as you wish to, change them as you want to and can include as much or as little as you desire.

Step 1 – Decide on the theme/direction or key word you would like to create with your mood board. This could be colours, dreams, or anything you would like to achieve

Step 2 – Focus on your theme/key word and gather together words, images, photos, mementos from the internet, magazines, newspapers etc that inspire you and you’re drawn to that reflect your vision board theme. You want your vision board to be captivating and personal to you.  Over time, you can change the word/images and themes to capture reflective moments of your life and thoughts/feelings and direction.

Step 3 – You can use photo frames, cork boards, canvases, posters or online templates to create your board. If creating your mood board in the physical sense, use your most important and biggest images more centrally and place smaller images around these images. Don’t be afraid to overlap images and words, placing the smaller images over the bigger ones. 

Cut around any particular images and words to focus on and discard the outer background.