By Julia Butt, Spa Manager at Fawsley Hall Hotel & Spa

I am Julia Butt, Spa Manager at Fawsley Hall Hotel & Spa. I have been in the beauty business for over 25 years and would like to share my top 5 personal tips to keep your mind, body and skin looking fabulous this autumn.


1. Relax, relax  

  • Stress levels can be damaging to the mind, body and skin so I use mini meditation apps such as Buddhify or Head Space which are both easy to use

2. Double cleanse

  • For really clean skin, first with an oil based cleanser and secondly with your regular cleanser followed by hydrating your clean skin  using a toner and moisturiser

3. Elemis Flash Balm

  • If I had to recommend one product for autumn I would choose Elemis Flash Balm for a radiant glow to your skin and it also doubles up as a primer for your make-up

4. Keep walking 

  • A great alternative for those non-gym days is to try and do as many steps in a day as possible

5. Winning smile

  • And finally I always wear my lipstick as this helps to instantly brighten your face and give you a winning smile.