Why you should never skip breakfast – especially when you come to stay with Hand Picked Hotels

The word breakfast literally means breaking the fast that your body is in from the night before, to replenish energy levels that you have lost so that you can start the day fully charged. 

The first meal of the day increases the metabolism and without it your body does not process the next meal as quickly and tries to hold on to those nutrients as long as possible instead of burning it right away. As a result, studies have proved that it is more difficult for those who skip breakfast to lose weight, because they will have a tendency to give into a mid-morning sugar fix to make it through the morning or eat more at lunch or dinner. 

Moreover, research involving adults and children has indicated that breakfast might enhance memory, attention, the speed of processing information, reasoning, creativity, learning and verbal abilities, and that children who consume high calcium foods for breakfast, show enhanced behaviour and learning.It has also been found that those who skip a morning meal were more likely to be at risk of certain cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. While no meal should be categorised as more important than another, a good breakfast is imperative to kick-starting your day and setting you up for a healthier lifestyle long term. 

And at Hand Picked Hotels it is easy to be creative with your breakfast choices – in addition to a traditional breakfast cooked to order, you can also choose to go continental with a delicious cold buffet of cereals, yoghurts, freshly baked breads and pastries, as well as a selection of fruits, cheeses and cold meats. Each of our hotels offer specialities too, Buxted Park in East Sussex for example serves homemade muesli, jams, marmalade, organic honeycomb and wild English honey, which is rather apt given its based in Ashdown Forest, the spectacular woodland that inspired the tales of Winnie-the-Pooh.

At all of our hotels you can choose to have breakfast in our AA rated restaurants, or for the ultimate in luxury, in bed. During the summer months at L’Horizon in Jersey you can even enjoy breakfast al fresco on the hotel’s terrace which overlooks the golden sands of St Brelade’s Bay. Here our specialities include Guernsey Gâche and Jersey black butter.

If you are looking for an award-winning breakfast then Rookery Hall Hotel & Spa can provide just that, having been recognised by the AA for using the best ingredients cooked with skill and passion and served with excellent hospitality and service. During 2016 inspectors assessed hotels all over the UK for the new AA Breakfast Award and the Cheshire-based country house hotel managed to tick all the boxes with their high quality breakfast experience. Check it out for yourself.