by Jessie Livingstone, Bar Team Member at Rookery Hall Hotel

I am Jessie Livingstone, Bar Team Member at Rookery Hall Hotel, & Spa. I have been working at Rookery Hall for over 2 years now. The bar is my passion and gin is my favourite spirit by far.

We have been working to collect over 70 gins in the Rookery Hall bar portfolio.

This Corpse Reviver No 2. is the perfect cocktail for any Halloween party.


For one drink

15 ml Hunters Cheshire Gin

15 ml Cointreau

15 ml Lemon Juice

Dash of Absinthe

Glace cherry to garnish


  1. Put the gin, cointreau, lemon juice and absinthe into a glass full of ice. 

  2. Shake it for 10-15 seconds. 

  3. Strain it into a glass and top with a glace cherry.