Inspired by the Sleep Council’s Sleeptember, we are dedicating 30 days to improving and prioritising great sleep with a series of tempting offers, events and even a competition.

There are many positive benefits to a good night’s sleep, and this year Hand Picked Hotels has decided to link with the Sleep Council to help promote its month-long Sleeptember campaign. Therefore, if you are struggling to get a good night’s sleep then why not follow our top five tips. Don’t forget to visit our website too, book our Sleep Well For Less offer and be in with a chance to win a Hypnos Lansdowne Cashmere bed.


Stress and anxiety are one of the biggest causes of sleeping problems – fortunately, most of our 20 hotels are set in acres of stunning parkland or in the case of our Jersey resorts on the beach, making them the ideal setting for a peaceful and relaxing break. What is more ten of our venues feature spa facilities offering treatments from the likes of Elemis and Comfort Zone, making them the perfect sanctuary to revive the mind and body and put the pressures and stresses of everyday life behind you. Daily exercise is also a heathy sleep habit that can make a big difference in your quality of life, so why not take advantage of our health clubs at the same time.


Bedrooms are a place for unwinding, so enjoy the flat screen TV in your room with Freeview and Sky Sports but remember to turn it off, together with all other electrical gadgets, at least an hour before bed to create a calm and relaxed environment for sleeping. Why not run a deep, warm bath in the comfort of your bathroom, enjoy a cup of soothing camomile tea from our complimentary Clipper range and then snuggle up in your robe and slippers with a good book or listen to a sleep meditation track. In our suites, we spritz the pillows with lavender mist from Gilchrest and Soames to help aid a deep night’s sleep. 


Being too hot or too cold in bed can disrupt sleep, and with this in mind, Hand Picked Hotels are investing in air conditioning for all of its room together with thermostatic radiators so that our guests are in control of the temperature. Between 60 and 67 degrees is apparently the perfect sleep environment. In addition, the layers of wool and cashmere in our mattresses are breathable, which helps to regulate body temperature. Light exposure at night stimulates alertness, so all of our rooms have luxurious thick curtains or blackout blinds to keep out that early morning sun, or to help you to sleep on those long summer evenings.


According to our customer research one of the reasons why people want to come to our hotels is for a restful night’s sleep. It is no wonder why with a Hypnos Landsdowne Cashmere mattress in each of our bedrooms. in addition to a fresh hygienic sleeping surface, the mattresses provide unrivalled comfort and support from their 1600 pocket springs and breathable layers of soft natural wool and cashmere.


While we pride ourselves in hand picking all of the wines in our hotels to ensure exciting quality and variety and make your stay extra special, it is important to keep yourself hydrated. That is why at turndown we offer complimentary bottled water. Making sure you are hydrated before bedtime not only aids a good night's sleep, but it also helps add to your glowing complexion and can even aid weight loss. In fact, it is one of the most important things to keep yourself healthy inside and out, and when its hot hydration is more important than ever.

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