Audley's Wood Head Chef Gordon Neal talks about the health benefits of Apples.

When the New Year hit many people look for the next amazing healthy kick to start the New Year, to get that ‘new year new me’ look but I believe we should go back to basics, cut the frills and gadgets.

APPLES – As we all know they come in all different sizes, colours, flavours, level of sweetness and bitterness. My favourite go-to apple is a nice crisp Pink lady it cannot be beaten!!

Apples are one of the healthiest foods anyone can eat. They are high in fibre and vitamin C, and they are also low in calories, have only a trace of sodium, and no fat or cholesterol.

Apples are high in an antioxidant called Polyphenols (Polyphenols play an important role in preventing and reducing the progression of diabetes, cancer,  neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases) These polyphenols are found in both the skin of the apples as well as in the flesh, so to get the greatest amount of benefits, eat the skin of the apple do not peel.

An apple a day really may keep the doctor away.