How do you make sure that your wedding stands out from countless others? Here is a helpful list of unique wedding and reception ideas to try.

A wedding is all about celebrating the love between two people and it’s also an occasion that brings together your nearest and dearest for one big party. But whilst some elements will remain non-negotiable (you probably shouldn’t omit the ceremony!) you can add a few unique touches so that your wedding leaves a lasting impression.

Unique venue

Choosing an interesting venue will do over 90% of the work for you in terms of creating an unforgettable experience. Maybe you’ve always wanted to marry in a castle, by an ancient amphitheatre, or on a romantic beach – thinking slightly outside the box and going for a unique wedding venue is sure to impress and provide an unforgettable backdrop to those all-important wedding snaps. Hand Picked Hotels have a truly stunning selection to choose from; some of our favourites are New Hall Hotel & Spa in the West Midlands, a 13th Century stunner complete with a lily moat, and Jersey’s L’Horizon Beach Hotel & Spa, nestled next to a pretty beach, making it ideal for nautical and bohemian-style weddings. Whatever style of wedding you’re after, let Hand Picked Hotels help you have a really special day.

Signature drink

Here’s a wedding reception idea: you can choose to serve your favourite cocktail or work with a professional to create a completely unique concoction, giving it a creative name you come up with together as a couple. It’s a great way to add a really personal touch to your wedding and get your guests talking!

Hangover kit

If you’re planning on an open bar then creating a hangover kit as your wedding favour, could be a comical yet useful way of helping your guests out the next day. Putting together some painkillers, sunglasses and small snacks in a pretty pouch with a witty note inside are likely to brighten up everyone’s morning after.

Song requests

The thing that’s likely to get everyone dancing is a song they love! Encourage guests to write a song on a card and place it in a large fish bowl by the DJ so they can all be added to one ultimate playlist. Your guests will feel included whilst knowing that their favourite song to dance to will be on soon.

Charging station

Technology is unavoidable and chances of someone bringing a separate camera to take pictures on the day are slim to none. Since the day will be long, your guests will appreciate a chance to recharge their phones, so they can carry on snapping and tweeting your special day.

Late night snacks

You might think that a dinner and dessert will be more than enough to keep your guests well fed but if you’re planning on partying late into the night then a few snacks will be very welcome. It doesn’t have to be anything big and your guests will probably appreciate a mini pizza more than a scallop at that time of night. Milk and cookies, the classic late-night snack, will likely put smiles on quite a few of your guests’ faces.

Anniversary piñata

Have a piñata ready for your guests to fill with messages, predictions, well-wishes, and jokes that you take away at the end of the night. Vow to break it open on your first anniversary, ensuring that you keep that newlywed spirit going well into your marriage.


Even though everyone is likely to be snapping away on their phones why not encourage your guests to try their hand at old-school photography? Provide polaroid or disposable cameras for each table and a designated place to drop them off. You’ll appreciate having some pictures to look at as you wait for your official photographs to get developed.

Petting zoo

This is a great idea, especially if you’re expecting lots of little guests at your wedding! There’s a lot of time for your guests to fill whilst you’re off taking pictures so help them out with the assistance of some furry friends. It’s sure to keep kids and adults entertained alike – just think of all the adorable photo possibilities.

Quirky cake

Do you like cheese? Or maybe you’re more of a meat pie kind of person? Maybe you have a taste for doughnuts only. Forget about the traditional cake, which many people don’t even like, and go with something you’d actually want to eat. You can now get cakes made out of wheels of cheese, doughnut walls, or just about anything else you fancy. Have fun with your ‘cake’ and don’t worry too much about what’s traditional.