Your guide to National Trust sites near Rhinefield House Hotel

Your guide to National Trust sites near Rhinefield House Hotel

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During your relaxing stay at Rhinefield House Hotel in Hampshire, visit some of the magnificent and stunning National Trust sites in and around the New Forest and Hampshire.


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Hinton Ampner


Open all year.

Hinton Ampner is best known for its magnificent garden with stunning views to the south. The elegant country house was remodelled by Ralph Dutton, the 8th and last Lord Sherborne, in 1960 after a devastating fire, and contains his collection of Georgian and Regency furniture, Italian pictures and objets d'art.

The gardens were also laid out by Ralph Dutton and are widely acknowledged as a masterpiece of 20th-century design, mixing formal and informal planting, providing year-round interest.




Open February - October.

At the heart of this tranquil rural estate is Mottisfont, set in glorious grounds alongside the fast-flowing River Test. There are many layers of history for the visitor to explore, including the Gothic remains of the original 13th-century Augustinian priory.

In the mid-20th century the final private owner, society hostess and patron of the arts Maud Russell, used the Abbey as a base for her racy and intriguing life. The River Test is one of the finest chalk streams in the world, and the walled gardens house the National Collection of old-fashioned roses.


Sandham Memorial Chapel


Open March - December on different days.

Modest red-brick building housing an unexpected treasure – an outstanding series of large-scale paintings by acclaimed artist Stanley Spencer. Inspired by his experiences as a First World War medical orderly and soldier, and peppered with personal and unexpected details, these paintings are considered to be among his finest achievements.


The Vyne


Open January - December.

Originally built as a great Tudor 'power house', The Vyne was visited by King Henry VIII on at least three occasions and later became a family home, cherished by the Chute family for more than 350 years. Dramatic improvements and changes over the centuries have made The Vyne a fascinating microcosm of changing fads and fashions.

The house is filled with an eclectic mix of fine furniture, portraits, textiles and sculpture. The attractive gardens and grounds feature an ornamental lake, delightful woodlands and flourishing wetlands, a haven for wildlife and waterfowl which can be observed from the bird hide.


West Green House Garden


Open April - September.

A delightful series of walled gardens surrounds the charming 18th-century house.


Winchester City Mill


Open all year round, except the Christmas and New Year period.

The City Mill is a rare surviving example of an urban working corn mill, powered by the fast-flowing River Itchen, which can be seen passing under the mill, thrilling our visitors. Rebuilt in 1743 on a medieval mill site, it remained in use until the early 20th century.

The National Trust recently undertook an ambitious restoration project, and the mill resumed grinding flour in March 2004. With hands-on activities for families and audio-visual displays about milling and the rich wildlife in the area, the City Mill is a lively and informative place for all ages to enjoy.



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