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On the 29th January 2016 Hand Picked Hotels sold The Priest House Hotel in Derbyshire. For more information please call The Priest House on 01332 810649 or email enquires@thepriesthouse.co.uk

Water based

Takes place in our swimming pool. Exercise includes: swimming laps, walking or running in water and water aerobics classes.

The benefits of a water based training programme include:

  • Excellent form of cardiovascular exercise
  • Burns 400 to 500 calories per hour
  • Water offers 12 times the resistance of air
  • Improves muscle strength and tone
  • Improves flexibility
  • Excellent for those who are overweight, suffer lower back pain, arthritis and/or injuries to the lower extremities
  • Low impact on joints, minimises risk of injury
  • Great for rehabilitation
  • Offers a full body workout
  • Builds water confidence in beginners
  • Improves stroke and technique
  • Excellent for general fitness and stamina
  • Good preparation for triathlon training
  • Beneficial for all ages and abilities

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Classes and activities

  • Dance, choreographed

    Dance, choreographed

    Takes place in fitness and dance studios. These are fun choreography and dance based fitness classes.

  • Full class timetable

    Full class timetable

    Make the most of your membership and plan your fitness programme.

  • High energy, impact and cardio

    High energy, impact and cardio

    Studio and functional training zone high energy classes based on the principle of high intensity interval training.

  • Holistic, mind and body

    Holistic, mind and body

    Takes place in our fitness studios and relaxation areas. These classes utilise ancient tried and tested holistic methods of healing the mind and body. 

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    Membership at Rookery Hall Hotel & Spa will enable you to keep fit, relax, or simply be pampered - the choice is yours. With monthly and annual membership options available, why not take the first step towards improving your lifestyle and wellbeing.


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