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Virtual Studio Classes

Our Health Club teams are looking forward to welcoming you back when the facilities are open once again. However, it will be a while yet before classes can resume. To help you with your home workouts we have put together a range of classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness levels.

Watch demonstrations from Health Club Managers and Trainers as they guide you through each workout.

High Intensity  

30 minute high intensity workout using body weight exercises. No equipment required.

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Strength & Conditioning

Choose to follow a plan for your fitness level. Perform these workouts with or without weights.

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Strengthen both the mind and body. You will need a relaxing space to perform this class so spend some time preparing an area before you begin.

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If you have a stationary bike at home give one of our spin classes a whirl. Ensure you can see the class on a screen before you get going.

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Working out at home

It is important to ensure you have enough space which is clear from any obstructions before beginning each workout. In the absence of a class instructor please take care to warm up and cool down to suit your needs. Don't forget to have a water bottle and towel near by too.