Elite Sporting Teams

Elite Sporting Teams

Elite Sporting Teams

Are you a sports travel manager, agent or even a player liaison manager looking for the best accommodation to host elite sporting teams? Hand Picked Hotels are the popular hotel choice with years of experience in hosting football, rugby, tennis, cricket, equestrian and other sporting clubs.

Our inspiring country house hotels, located all over the UK and in close proximity to some of the major stadiums and training grounds, provide the perfect setting for pre-match overnight stays, pre-match meals or training camp experiences. 

Our dedicated events specialists are very familiar with the key operational aspects of hosting elite sporting teams and offer a professional approach to ensuring that the demands and needs of your players, coaches and management are met while staying with us.

We understand how crucial your teams morale, wellness and comfort is and we will work with you to tailor an experience to your very specific needs. 

Sporting Team Enquiries

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