Native Woodland Project

Native Woodland Project

Native Woodland Project

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Crathorne Hall has been working closely with The Woodland Trust to implement a Native Woodland within an unused area of the hotel grounds. The project is due to begin with the planting of 1,000 saplings during February 2020.

Crathorne Hall in North Yorkshire has been working with The Woodland Trust on their 'Plant Trees; MORE Woods' scheme to introduce a new native woodland into the grounds of the hotel.

The Woodland Trust “Plant Trees; MORE Woods” scheme aims to plant trees in 64 million native trees by 2028. They offer discounted saplings of site-specifically suitable native tree species that benefit wildlife. 

At Crathorne Hall the site of the old market garden and to the west of the overflow carpark measure approximately 1 hectare in total and have been deemed very suitable for planting a new native woodland. Approximately 1,000 saplings are going to be planted in February 2020 and Crathorne Hall invite local schools, charities, friends, family and guests to attend the event.

The date of the planting will be confirmed shortly. Read more detail about the project here.