Residential Retreats with Liberty Wellbeing

Residential Retreats with Liberty Wellbeing

Residential Wellness & Mindfulness Retreats with Liberty Wellbeing are two day retreats held at Chilston Park Hotel, Lenham, Kent.

Take advantage of our idyllic location away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Join in with classes, crafts, activities, group time, nature and enjoy specially prepared vegetarian food.

Each retreat includes:

  • All activities
  • Accommodation*
  • All meals, snacks and drinks as per the schedule below


The start dates for our 2 day retreats are scheduled on:

  • 11th March 2018  - Mother & Daughter Retreat
  • 6th April  - Step into Spring 


To join a Retreat please call us on 01622 859803 or book online below, remember to choose a two night stay and Room & Dinner Rates to see the package.


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PRICE GUIDE: £275 per person double/twin occupancy and £350 per person single occupancy

Offer type: event

11th, 12th and 13th March 2018

Celebrate Mother’s Day with the gift of time together in this beautiful retreat with a difference. Our experienced teachers will take you a peaceful weekend, cultivating a sense of contentment, understanding and compassion through mind and body movement.


Sunday 11th March

16:00   Arrival and welcome
18:00   Tai Chi Qigong
19:00   Dinner
21:00   Reading, further practice, bed

Monday 12th March

06:30   Guided relaxation/breathwork
07:00   Breakfast
09:00   Hatha yoga
11:00   Guided walk in the grounds or Pilates class
12:30   Lunch
14:00   Journal your way to happiness
17:00   Free time
18:30   Dinner
21:30   Reading, further practice, bed

Tuesday 13th March

07:30   Guided relaxation/breathwork
08:00   Breakfast
09:00   Checkout
09:30   Creative pursuits for wellness
12:30   Lunch
14:00   Retreat close

6th, 7th and 8th April 2018

Say goodbye to winter and engage with nature in the beautiful grounds of Chilston Park. Find out ways to develop creative pursuits for happiness and get back to basics with analog living. Aimed at absolute beginners or those with a little knowledge of mindfulness and tai chi.


Friday 6th April

16:00   Arrival and Welcome
17:00   Matcha Tea & Zentangle art
18:00   Enlivening yoga (for beginners)
19:00   Dinner
21:00   Reading, further practice, bed

Saturday 7th April

06:30   Dawn Chorus Tai Chi (by the lake)
07:30   Breakfast
09:30   Guided Walk in the Grounds
11:00   Pilates Class
12:30   Lunch
14:00   Ayruvedic Spring Yoga
17:00   Free time
18:30   Dinner
21:30   Reading, further practice, bed

Sunday 8th April

07:00   Dawn Chorus Tai Chi (by the lake)
08:00   Breakfast
09:00   Checkout
09:30   Creative Pursuits for Wellness
12:30   Lunch
14:00   Retreat close

Are the retreats for everyone?

Retreats at Chilston Park are for everyone and all levels. They are mixed sex. Any prior injuries and known ailments should be disclosed on the disclosure form and any concerns can be addressed prior to the retreat in consultation with Chilston Park Hotel and Liberty Wellbeing Retreat Hosts.  

Can we book groups of friends/ work colleagues in?

Yes groups can be booked in on a retreat, but we will encourage individual reflection and time for yourself.  

Do we have to stay for the full 2 ½ days? 

The retreats are designed so that participants take part in the full retreat time.  If participants have to leave early due to unforeseen circumstances, no refund is eligible, therefore travel insurance is advised.  

Are we allowed to have our phones and iPad with us?

Technology use is not advised.  Although, it can be unrealistic as everyone needs to be connected in this day and age, we do recommend that the use of your phones is limited to just a couple of times a day.  Leaving your phones in your rooms can work really well. Of course your family can call the Hotel should they urgently need to get hold of you and you can advise them that this is possible.

Do I have to take part in everything?

No, you can do as much or as little as you want to although the programme is there for the participants to get the most out of their Retreat time as possible.

Are you going to provide spa and massage services?

No, the style of these retreats is about mental wellbeing and reconnecting with yourself. This will happen through activities and coaching. 

Can I have food other than vegetarian food?

We can cater for dietary requirements, however, we recommend that a vegetarian diet is followed for these retreats.

Can we drink alcohol?

Alcohol is not included in the package and not advised to be consumed in order to gain focus and clarity during your retreat.    

What do we bring?

A pre-arrival letter will be sent out to all Retreat participants with more information, however, comfy clothing is advised. The focus is on relaxation and cosiness, so Ugg boots, comfy clothes and wraps are not out of place!     

Can the date be moved if I can’t make it and need to re-schedule and full payment has been made?

Unfortunately this is not possible.  Travel insurance is advised.


25% non-refundable payment to be made at time of booking, then full payment to be made 4 weeks prior to arrival.  


The instructors and retreat hosts are fully insured and we recommend that travel insurance is taken out to cover any unforeseen cancellation from the guests side.  

  • A maximum of 20 participants per retreat
  • *Accommodation - double occupancy at £375 per person can be a twin shared room or a double bed. Single occupancy at £450 per person is available too. All bedrooms will be in the Mews.

Jennie Lichfield specialises in tai chi and Hatha yoga, mindfulness and how is can significantly help with anxiety and depression. She also teaches Buddhism and its relationship to mindfulness therapeutic interventions to members of the community. As a Master NLP Practitioner, hypnotherapist and a Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Jennie spends much of her time helping people to feel more vibrant, energetic and healthy. She has over 20 years’ experience in the world of mental health and wellbeing and brings her wealth of knowledge to the retreats through various experiences such as silent meditation walks and mindfulness classes. Join her to discover the path to inner calm and a more relaxed state of mind when dealing with your everyday stresses.

Hannah Stewart is a yoga teacher who began her practice after the birth of her first child 12 years ago. Looking for something that would help her relax and cope with motherhood, yoga seemed a natural choice. She has now been teaching classes in and around Ashford for six years, having given up her job as a makeup artist to become a full time teacher in December 2016. Hannah is of the belief that real insight comes from a depth of understanding that is gained from hard work and experience – her practice comes from a place of integrity, persistence, or blood, sweat and tears! But she also firmly believes that everyone grows at their own pace, and nothing can be rushed. Experience Hannah’s yoga sessions for the chance to experience a patient teacher will understand your fears and limitations.

Jenny Field is a Mindfulness Teacher who runs a weekly Beginners Mindfulness Meditation Class in Ashford. Following the diagnosis of a chronic illness, she struggled to come to terms with what was happening to her until she found meditation. Having gained so much positivity from the practise herself, it has become her passion to share her experience with others in the hope that they will gain similar positive effects. Seeing so many people suffering, she is determined to show people that with an open mind, a little patience and determination, there is a positive alternative and a way of regaining control of your own destiny. Join Jenny to understand the benefits of meditation sitting practice, and gain a sense of peace and relaxation.

Samantha Stone is a yoga teacher very much inspired by her students. She says she’s lucky to have a number of students that have been with her since the start of her teaching journey and they create a welcoming, supportive atmosphere in class. Having studied media, film and drama at university Sam originally planned on going into acting or film work but ended up working in media and administrative jobs. However, feeling like she didn’t want to spend 9 to 5 in front of a computer, decided to take a foundation course with the British Wheel of Yoga to explore the subject more deeply. Samantha wants her students to realise that yoga is a practice of connecting mind and body and not a competition to distort themselves into complicated shapes! Her sessions allow you to build the confidence to know how to adapt your own practice to your own needs at the time.

Theresa Samworth is a yoga teacher who became interested in the discipline in her 20s when she wanted to improve her flexibility. After attending yoga workshops with her stepmother, who is also a yoga teacher, she became hooked. Having started to take her own yoga practice more seriously, she toyed with the idea of becoming a yoga teacher and after a transformative week in an Ashram in India undertaking asana (postures) practice, meditation, pranayama, chanting and yoga philosophy, it made her realise that above everything else she wanted to share her love of yoga with the rest of the world. Join Theresa for a welcoming and relaxed session that puts people at ease with humour and an emphasis on understanding the body’s limitations – both you and Theresa are learning together.

Marin Holme is a sound therapist with a background in perfume and creative consultancy. Bringing his love of music and passion for the more relaxing elements of yoga practice to his work, he creates calming and restorative atmospheres with his unusual Sound Bath technique. His sessions provide a chance for retreatants to unwind and completely relax, as they simply lie down with a blanket and a pillow and wait to be transported by gentle soothing sounds. Unlike normal prompted meditation sessions, a variety of instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls and chimes are used to evoke an oasis of calm and deep rest. Join Martin for this deeply restorative workshop and experience the delights of his soothing Sound Bath.


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