With Summer in full swing, now is the perfect time to start thinking about incorporating some exciting and exhilarating outdoor activities into your fitness routine.

Furthermore, Wimbledon is just a few weeks away and with the days longer and lighter, a game of tennis after a stressful day is the quintessential antidote to life’s pressures and strains.  Here are a few reasons why your mind and body will benefit from a game of tennis:

  • Tennis offers an excellent all-over body workout as it targets all your key muscle groups.  The combination of running, jumping and upper body movements as you swing your racquet means your arms, your legs, and your core muscles will all receive an incredibly intense workout.  Tennis is also a perfect form of interval training too, which is ideal if you want to increase your stamina and fitness levels.
  • Tennis sharpens your mind as it is both a physical game as well as a mental game too.  A game of tennis will really test your reflexes and your brain, and it is superb for helping to improve hand-eye coordination.  The competitive element also provides an ideal brain test as you will need to think on your feet to devise a strategy with which to beat your opponent.
  • Tennis burns a high number of calories, with an active one hour’s game burning in the region of 400 calories.  If you are seeking an enjoyable yet effective way to lose weight and get fit, then tennis could just be your perfect answer.
  • Tennis helps to relieve daily anxiety and stress, and because it is a team sport it will help you to switch off.  Tennis is proven to be more effective than ‘individual’ workouts at helping you to relax and put immediate worries to the back of your mind.  That is because it is a competitive sport.  This means that you will find it easier to immerse yourself in the game and forget about any worries and concerns.  In addition, the combination of exercise and fresh air is proven to be restorative for your mind and body.
  • Tennis is great for every one of any age looking for a fun, fast and effective workout.  Tennis is also the ideal sport if you are keen to make new friends, or socialise with existing friends.

Why not join us at a Hand Picked Hotel for a game, these hotels all have courts: Woodlands Park Hotel in Cobham Surrey, New Hall Hotel & Spa, Birmingham, St Pierre Park Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort