Afternoon tea

There aren’t many occasions that embrace British elegance quite like afternoon tea. Whether it’s the ornate surroundings, the dainty finger sandwiches or the refreshing brew, there’s plenty to eat, drink and enjoy. So, if you’re in need of a treat, whatever the occasion, it’s time to make a booking.


Celebration Afternoon Teas

It’s likely that when you’re investigating the ideal afternoon tea hotel you’ll have some form of special occasion in mind, but the great thing about indulging in food and drink is that it works for all kinds of groups and every gathering. For birthdays, afternoon tea makes perfect sense. The feeling it evokes gives it a sense of something special – a truly perfect gift. On the other hand, afternoon tea is also ideal if you just need a quick catch-up. The beautiful food on offer will certainly give you plenty of things to talk about, but you’ll also be granted the time, space and quiet that you need to have a proper chinwag. 

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Afternoon tea menus

Another reason why afternoon tea works so well as a treat is because no two menus are exactly the same. While many events will follow a similar theme, there are plenty of unique elements to differentiate one afternoon tea from another. Some will specialise in chocolate treats, others will have an exotic twist. You might even be treated to a glass of bubbly or two. The point is, it is difficult to know what to expect until you’ve explored your options. It also means that afternoon tea is great even if you’ve been before. 

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Our Venues

Once you’ve gotten over the delicious treats being provided, it’s a good idea to give yourself time to explore your surroundings. The ambiance of a good afternoon tea is one of its strongest points, so make sure you take this into consideration before you book. You could end up enjoying the finest pastries in an al fresco setting or home-made cakes in a grand dining room. 

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At Hand Picked Hotels, we’ve been serving up wonderful afternoon tea offers for years, so we know a thing or two about creating the right atmosphere. Many of our events are situated within country house hotels, so there’s an awful lot to see. With beautiful architecture and picturesque grounds on offer, you’ll need to decide whether to spend more time looking around your location or staring at the amazing food.