Oak Room Restaurant

Oak Room Restaurant

Restaurant in Surrey at Woodlands Park Hotel, Cobham

Price - Three courses from £38 per person.


Spicy parsnip veloute, caramelised onion plamiers, fresh pear 

Seared scallops, carrot and ginger puree, soft herbs and sakura

(supplement £4.50)

Mosaic of game, date and walnut chutney, tarragon brioche

Cured sea trout, pressed cucumber,horseradish and dill. 

Pan fried duck liver, white pudding, brioche ballotine, cider emulsion 

(supplement £2) 

Pickled beetroot, goat's cheese textures, pink grapefruit vinaigrette, crostini.  


Herb-crust brill,aubergine caviar, haricot beans , globe artichoke, fish cream

(supplement £3.50)

Pan fried sea bass, crispy squid, fine herbs and lime risotto, celeriac and chevil foam

Rump of winter lamb, poteto boulangere, savoy cabbage, prosciutto, madeira and mustard jus

Fillet of Aberdeen Angus, spinach, wild mushroom provencial, horsradish poteto

(supplement £4.50)

Duo of duck breast and confit leg, herb spaetzle, picked carrot and reasberry jus

Hand rolled poteto gnocchi, roast artichoke, pumpkin and apple dressing, curly kale, nuts and seed granola


Chocolate 'Assiette': canneloni, fondant and sorbet

(supplement £2.50)

Blackberry mousse, spiced apple, pear compote, apple and cinnamon popcorn

Nougat glace, white wine balsamic, golden raisins, nut brittle

Five way cheese plate, homemade chutney

(supplement £2.50)

Pineaple cheese

Coffee and petit fours £4.00 per person


All prices are inclusive of VAT at current rate of 20% but exclusive of service. Please consult our team if you have any allergies, who will liaise with our Head Chef.All menus shown are samples of the fine and fresh cuisine provided in Hand Picked Hotel restaurants. Dishes available may change at short notice as produce is sourced locally, where possible.

Traditional Sunday Lunch in Surrey

At Woodlands Park we serve traditional Sunday Lunch in the grand surroundings of this magnificent country house to enjoy some fine food with family and friends. 

Price per person is £26.95

For further details about our Sunday Lunches, please call our Hotel or make an online dining enquiry today.

T: 0845 072 7581



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