Lounge Menu

Lounge Menu

Dining in Cheshire

Lounge Menu at Rookery Hall Hotel & Spa in Cheshire

All items of food are available until 10pm unless stated (cold sandwiches are available 24 hours a day).

Morning Menu

Toasted Tea Cake and a Pot of Tea - £4.90

Toast, Fresh Orange Juice and a Pot of Tea - £5.10

Smoked bacon foccacia bun - £5.60


Fillet of Scottish organic Salmon - £14.95
Mediterranean cous-couss, roquette salad, pesto dressing

Roast free range Chicken Caesar Salad - £15.85
Crisp cos lettuce, parmesan, smoked bacon on crostini

Rookery Hall Beef Burger - £15.85
With smoked bacon, Cheshire cheese on foccacia bun, crisp dressed salad and hand cut chips

Grilled Ribeye of English Beef - £17.95
Tomato and field mushroom, Café De Paris butter, mixed salad and hand cut chips

Chargrilled vegetable and pasta bake - £13.25
With crisp dressed salad and garlic bread

Rookery Shepherds Pie - £15.85
With seasonal vegetable panache

Side orders

Portion of Chips - £3.60

Mixed Vegetables - £4.10

Roquette and Parmesan Salad - £4.10

Tomato and basil salad - £4.10

New Potatoes with Maldon Sea Salt - £4.10


Selection of local Ice Creams - £5.65

Selection of local Cheshire Cheeses - £8.70

Platter of seasonal Fresh Fruit with sorbet - £6.10

Steamed apple sponge pudding with English custard - £6.10

Hot Chocolate pudding, chocolate ice-cream and chocolate sauce - £6.10

Children's Menu

Main Course

Local Pork Sausages with mashed potatoes and gravy - £8.70

Fish Goujons with hand-cut chips and peas - £8.70

Rookery Beef Burger in a bun with hand cut chips - £8.70

Spiral pasta in a tomatoe sauce with garlic bread - £8.70

Chicken strips in breadcrumbs with baked beans and hand cut chips - £8.70

Cheese and tomatoe bruschetta, mixed salad, hand cut chips - £8.70


Fresh Fruit Salad with cream or ice cream - £3.60

Banana split - £4.05

‘Smarties’ Pop-up Lolly - £2.55

Chocolate Magnum - £2.55

Selection on ice cream and sorbets - £3.10

A child’s portion of any meal on this menu is available at half the price (for children up to 12 years old)


Available 24 hours a day, all sandwiches are served on a selection of breads including white or granary bloomer, tomato ciabatta, or onion baguette, with dressed leaves and kettle crisps.

Honey Glazed Roast Cheshire Ham - £8.15
With sun dried tomato mayonnaise

Mature "Joseph Heler of Nantwich" Cheddar Cheese - £7.10
With classic Branston pickle

Free Range Chicken - £7.95
Lemon mayonnaise

Oak Smoked Salmon - £8.70
With cucumber and crème fraîche

Local Nethersay Farm Free Range Egg - £7.10
With spring onion mayonnaise

Roast Ribeye of English Beef - £8.15
With wild horseradish cream

Hot Sandwiches

B.L.T. - £10.20
Smoked bacon, crisp lettuce and vine tomato

Rookery Hall Club Sandwich - £13.25

Prime ribeye Steak - £13.80
Carmelised onion chutney

Roast red pepper, Goat's cheese and avocado melt - £11.75



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